Top 10 Singapore’s Most Misunderstood Professions

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As jobs change to suit a new digital world, today’s parents struggle to keep up, according to new research released by LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network. You can find below a list of the top 10 most misunderstood professions in Singapore.

This study was launched in the run-up to LinkedIn’s third annual Bring in Your Parents Day (BIYP) on November 5 which aims to bridge this knowledge gap. Some companies in Singapore, including IDC, Tickled Media, Happy Marketer and Click2View, will also are participating as businesses recognize the importance of engaging their employees’ parents.

Having parents visit their children’s workplaces would give them a better idea of what their children do in their careers, helping to encourage better support networks in the world of work.

The survey revealed that while the majority of Singaporean parents could confidently describe more traditional job titles like ‘teacher’, ‘lawyer’, and ‘personal assistant’, few knew what titles like ‘UI Designer’, ‘data scientist’ or ‘social media manager’ entailed.

“Technology continues to evolve and so do career paths, with more and more specific industry job titles. In particular, with a booming tech industry in Singapore, parents may feel disconnected as their children take up less traditional roles, or jobs that did not exist a few decades ago,” said Feon Ang, Senior Director of Talent Solutions for LinkedIn in Asia-Pacific and Japan.

The survey also found that while three-quarters (75%) of Singapore workers say they would like more career guidance and advice from their parents, only 6% actually receive this advice.

And while nearly half (49%) of Singaporean parents say they often find themselves having an opinion about what their child should do in a work situation, over a third (35%) hold back on giving this advice because they fear their advice might be out-of-date or irrelevant.

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“Bring in Your Parents Day is an easy, yet important way, to help parents gain the insights and knowledge they need to offer useful advice to their children,” said Ang. If you have one of these jobs, chances are your parents don’t know what you do for a living. Figures in parenthesis represent percentage of Singaporean parents who are unaware about the new job titles, they are:

  1. UI Designer (72%)

What is it? UI Designer is short for ‘user interface designer’ – a person who designs user interfaces or the ‘way you interact’ with machines and software, including everything from mobile devices to home appliances and computers, with a focus on maximising user experience.

  1. Actuary (67%)

What is it? A person who uses mathematics and statistics to work out the financial implications of risk, often in relation to businesses — or insurance.

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  1. Data scientist (63%)

A person who uses processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from large quantities of data in order investigate problems quickly and efficiently. Data scientists use both data mining and data analysis to approach anything from fraud detection to risk management.

  1. Sub editor (61%)

What is it? A person who checks and edits the grammar, spelling, tone and house style of written text for printed new in magazines, websites and newspapers.

  1. Social media manager (58%)

What is it? A person who manages social media presence (LinkedIn or other social media channels), for a brand, product, individual or corporation. This can include creating posts, competitions to drive engagement and monitoring user engagement.

  1. Sociologist (57%)

What is it? Using theory of social science, a sociologist is a person who studies social behaviour to understand how people, governments and institutions behave to develop knowledge about social order, social disorder and social change.

  1. Radio producer (56%)

A person involved in making a radio show. This could be sounds and audio or content — i.e. overseeing and coming up with ideas or features for radio shows.

  1. Veterinarian (53%)

What is it? Short for ‘veterinarian surgeon’, a person qualified to treat sick or injured animals.

  1. Fashion designer (53%)

What is it? A person who creates designs for clothing, choosing fabrics and playing a part in each part of the production process of fashion items.

  1. Laboratory technician (49%)

What is this profession? A person who works in a laboratory, carrying out hands-on experiments to gain understanding within biology, chemistry or life sciences areas. They may work in lots of different fields or industries, from medicine to manufacturing or the environment.

Taking in responses from 503 current workers and 922 parents of current workers in Singapore, the research found that Singaporean parents may be struggling to understand many of the technical roles that exist today, with only 12% of Singaporean workers claiming their parents are very familiar with what they do for a living and only around half (53%) believe their parent knows what their job title is.

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