Top 10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Hong Kong

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This might come as no-surprise for you: tech jobs are on the rise. Slowly but surely, technology has changed much of the way people conduct their daily activities and interact with each other. Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and wearables have increasingly become an inseparable part of our lives. And business world stands no exception to this trend.

Tech jobs are flourishing, as more companies are relying on modern technology to perform daily business, so does this create demand for tech jobs across markets. Below, we bring a small section of the Asia Pacific market – the top 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Hong Kong.

Rapid expansion of technology and information has changed much of the world’s employment mapping. With the coming of digital transformation, more and more people are absorbed into the digitised way of life. Decades ago, business leaders have to invest their time, energy, and money to fly abroad and meet their business partners. However, those days were long gone.

While occasional face-to-face meeting remains crucial, today leaders find the convenience of communicating with their potential clients in the other side of the globe, just by logging into their computer and conducting a live video call. As technology keeps evolving, more varied and specific skills related to IT industry are needed to meet the high market demands.

Amidst the increasingly complex digital world, individuals with innovative and revolutionary mindset are highly sought-after, to create ground-breaking invention that will improve human life. For companies, tech experts are expected to be the agents of change, who can improve the business’ bottom line. No wonder that huge number of tech experts are highly on demand to fill in vacant tech jobs.

If you belong to the Millennials generation who expect to enter Hong Kong workforce soon, it is important to ensure that your skills meet the most in-demand jobs. If you are wondering what tech jobs are hot on the job market, here are 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Hong Kong according to the findings presented by Randstad Technologies Hong Kong:

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  1.    Application Developers

Rather than spending money on outsourcing, companies in Hong Kong are turning to internal development to improve quality. Application developers are on high-demand in Financial Services and Insurance, wherein they are expected to develop solutions for both front and middle office, possess knowledge over product control as well as risk functions. However, there is still lack of experienced developers in Hong Kong, especially for startups.

  1.    DevOps

DevOps are increasingly prevalent in the industry, since agile and startup practices are entering commercial space. The main responsibility of DevOps professionals is to bridge the communication gaps, to collaborate and integrate activities between software developers and IT operations.  They are also required to produce rapid software and IT services, while focusing on continuous development cycle.

  1.    Mobile Developers

Nowadays, people are getting more glued to their smartphones than human beings. It comes as no surprise that mobile developers are on high-demand to keep up with this high-adoption of technology. Responsibilities of mobile experts include moving business’ operations to handheld devices, increase brand awareness, market share, and profits.

  1.    Project Management/ Business Analysts

Along with advancements in technology, companies are required  to create leaner and cost effective methods of operation, while adding more structure and governance to their projects.  Therefore, PMO individuals who demonstrate strong techno-functional ability are highly needed.

Moreover, companies in Hong Kong are also looking for business analysts who demonstrate excellent skills in translating business requirement documents into technical specification documents.

  1.    Engineers

Rather than filling up physical space with mountains of paperwork, more companies are now moving to Cloud and IoT. For this reason, engineers with strong experience in migrating to cloud environments or setting up cloud for various platforms (Azure, AWS etc) will be highly sought-after.

  1.    System Engineers

System engineers are on high-demand as physical servers and data centres across Hong Kong show  positive development trend. Their responsibilities include monitoring, deploying, and enhancing these systems for better security measures.

  1.    Data Scientists and Analysts

Experts from this field can work on data for various projects especially those that involve customer insight, such as sales, product usage, and supply chain. With strong knowledge in statistics and mathematics, data scientists and analysts are expected to conduct better decision-making process.

  1.    Scrum Masters

The Randstad Hong Kong findings reveal that 58 percent technology teams across Hong Kong adopt Scrum as their agile implementation methodology, while the other 75 percent use hybrid approaches that combine Scrum with another agile approach such as Kanban to create Scrumban. Scrum masters are on high-demand to help companies deliver projects more efficient and effective.

  1.    UI/UX Designers

What makes people keep coming to your website and installing apps? Beyond anything else, the answer will be ‘great designs’ and user-friendly features, functionalities. Thanks to the UI designer, users can interact better with products on a  pleasing interface.

Meanwhile, UX designers help better user journey to create insights. Companies need experienced UI/UX designers to stay relevant in the industry and build a distinctive brand positioning from their competitors.

  1.   Cyber Security/ Technology Risk

As the world is going online, the threat of cyber-crime is rising rapidly as well. Therefore, cyber security and technology risk experts are needed to protect companies’ information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, as well as other threats such as malware and system intrusion.

IT industry is on constant change and development, distinctive and new trends keep emerging along the process. To stay abreast of the latest update, tech experts are required to adjust themselves and keep up with it.

If you are a tech expert seeking for new job prospects in Hong Kong, you should have whole new array of opportunities waiting,  if you master the on-demand skills needed for tapping bright future prospects.

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