Tips to Conduct an Awesome Video Interview

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Video interviews are now considered as more effective in the workplace. You get the chance to get real and heart-felt response from your interviewee as you can see and document his facial expression and other body language that contributes more to the essence of the interview.


As everything is now global, video interviewing is considered to be the new way to do your interview process.


Conducting video interview can give a lot of savings to the company as you don’t have to meet the person in the flesh to be able to examine his behavior before, during and after the whole interview. This can also give you the liberty to think very well on whether or not you are going to accept the candidate for the next round of the recruitment process.


Almost everybody is now visible in the virtual world. The internet is now considered a necessity rather than being an accessory. That’s why companies today are making use of this to their advantage. Hence video interviewing is a hit to many recruiters and employers.


This can look easy for the employer’s part but can be a bit stressful to the applicant. The applicant might not know what to expect and would dread to know what the interviewer be expecting from them.


In order to be ready in an online video interview, follow these tips:


  1. Do a little research. Ask around. Ask people you know who might have undergone a video interview. It may or may not be with the same company.
  2. Make sure that you do all the pre-interview preparation such as sending resume, and all the other documents the recruiter asks and might need in the future.
  3. Be online 30 minutes to an hour early before the interview.
  4. Dress professionally. You are about to undergo a job interview. Dress properly. It is like any other normal job interviews but the set-up is virtual. You still can be seen by your interviewer so dress accordingly.
  5. Free your desk of clutter or avoid putting things which can be visible to the interviewer that can distract the whole interview process.
  6. Be aware of your hardwares. Be sure to check your internet connection, camera, lighting, background and microphone before the actual interview. Avoid making unnecessary noises that can be easily picked up by your microphone.
  7. Make eye contact. Always remember that the eyes are the window to your soul.
  8. Use the picture-in-picture feature so you can see how you look like during the interview.
  9. Remember that this process is the same. The interviewer’s objective which is to screen candidates for possible employment will always be the same.
  10. Same type of interview questions will be asked, so better be prepared. The process won’t change. You can also consider asking them questions as well.
  11. If you are having doubts on how your interview is, it’s perfectly fine to ask the interviewer how you are doing.
  12. Always keep a presence of mind. Don’t panic. Panicking might lead to mistakes. You want this job, own it.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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