The Key to Better Hires: Better Candidate Experience

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A typical day of an applicant will be preparing for the interview, answering all the questions coming from interviewers. After almost a whole day’s process, all you can hear from them is “Thank you, wait for a call from us in a week or two.”

This can be very frustrating on an applicant’s end but this is how the way it goes. You will really invest a lot of time, effort and of course money for you to land the job you are dreaming of.

We are so accustomed to this hiring process and take it as it is. Of course, we really cannot do anything about it. But do you know that it doesn’t have to be like that?

Here are some tips for an employer to get better hires:

  1. Start from the very beginning. A candidate’s experience starts from the very first time he reads your job posting, goes to your career fairs and finds out about your opening. From this very moment, all interactions give the applicant on what type of organization you are and how are you operating. Start with the right thing by publishing properly written job descriptions which accurately gives a brief overview of what’s in store for them upon applying for the job. Stay positive, honest and put them into simple words. Through this, you’ll attract more applicants and also you will give them a very smooth and easy start in applying.
  1. Proper timing. For you to get best candidates, always consider time. Remember that each passing day that you are processing an application; other companies might take this opportunity to get your most valued candidate. The faster an application is being processed, the more chances of eliminating candidates not suitable for the post and more chances of coming across the best among the best.
  1. Conduct better interviews. Not everybody is equipped with good interview skills. Try to filter people who will conduct the interview to give an impression to candidates that the company knows where to put their people and also you will give your applicants smooth and stress free interview sessions as the interviewer knows how to handle them well.
  1. Follow up. From the very beginning of the application, always keep in mind that the applicants are spending a lot of time and money to pursue their employment with your company. It is a fact that a typical applicant will spend at least 10 hours in your recruitment hub for the whole process, spend a couple of bucks for printing resumes, fare, and of course clothing and food. The very least the company can do in declining an applicant is that to tell them upfront. We all know that bad news is bad news. There’s no other good way in telling them the bad news but to tell them straight ahead. It is better rather than waiting for a long time for nothing.

For qualified applicants, be courteous enough to update them with their status. The waiting game is one of the hardest games to play so stop the agony and tell them the good news. You can do this through email, phone call, a text message or even sending them messages through social media – whichever way is possible and is preferred by the applicant.

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