The future of recruitment advertising – Why you should evolve your job ads?

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The future of recruitment advertising – Why you should evolve your job ads?
The future of recruitment adverstising

Employees remain one of the most important assets of a company. A good combination of talents can easily thrust the company forward to success. But the foundation of acquiring the best talents is recruitment and because there is pressure in meeting recruitment goals, this department therefore must creatively find ways to fulfill that. Recruitment advertising is now fast becoming a trend in talent attraction; it has now become an inevitable change.

While it seems true that companies or organizations are seen hyperbolically as commodities for talents consumption, the former do need to attract the best talents in the job market. If not for this goal and the acquisition of the finest critical thinkers and seriously-engaging employees an organization may lose ground instantly to suffer a rapid death in the process.

On the other side of the equation are multi-talented employees ready to take on the world with their skills set; knowing what they can offer to the table, they would want to work in an organization that can help fulfill their long term professional goals. Getting your company out there through recruitment advertising would help “pull” that talent in with less effort.

Why change?

With advertising in the mainstream of recruitment process, a company might think this will just incur additional expense. But that is beside the point, especially if the human resource management would be able to show that this additional investment, when optimized properly, will bring in more money.

In addition, the competition of companies for the best talents is real, not just local but global. Talents who have invested time and money to acquire the best education would not think twice to seek employment for the best companies even the latter are remote. This now becomes a major concern for companies that will be left with only a small pool of talents, with probably less skills, to choose from.

The best talents are not seeking for a new job

This is a fact. Research reveals that 90% of the best talents are probably well-paid or compensated that they are already resting on their comfort zones, providing the companies they worked for the results that make it a success. However, it is in this group where your next critical thinker belongs and you, as a company, present better reasons why these kinds of talent should consider working for you. And unless your organization is ready to pirate other company’s talents then you’d be left to compete with only the 10% of unique talents actively seeking for a job.

Recruitment advertising is not just for recruitment

This is true; because with advertising you hit even the secondary market for your ad, eliciting responses that may also benefit your company. For instance, your ad may also attract and develop brand ambassadors in the likeness of HR consultants, educators or third party recruiters. Even the basic consumers could very well be a brand advocate, influencing people they know to apply a job in your company. Recruitment advertising may seem like a long shot considering its cost, but the results could prove more than what is hoped for.


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