Temploy: Ready to Promote Temporary Hiring as The New Trend

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With distinct amount on job vacancies and job seekers, it is no wonder that more and more companies could consider temporary hiring. Temporary hiring enables the companies to adjust more easily, when there are employee absences or other unexpected demands.

On the other hand, modern people nowadays are wanting to have flexible work arrangements. In fact, it’s possible to handle more than 1 job today. CEO of Temploy, Mark Koh, said, “With living costs rising and people being more mobile, it is no longer uncommon for people to work more than 1 job to make ends meet.”

Temploy itself are ready to become a trendsetter for temporary hiring. With 14.8 unemployed in Singapore, the startup has set itself out to solve a major problem. Temploy is a digital platform dedicated to employment self-determination and the safe and optimal matching of part-time labour with employers based on best-match heuristics.

Their CEO, Mark Koh, has worked 116 part time jobs in 2014 to validate Temploy. He is also speaking in 2015’s career and education fair. At first, Temploy’s intention was to find volunteers for disaster relief.

“Upon deployment, we found that the utility of matching jobs to the exact hour when candidates are convenient, results in significantly higher engagement and productivity,”  Mark Koh explains.

The business started in February 2014, and their live beta has been released on May 2014. “We’ve been honing out craft and optimizing the site ever since,” told Mark Koh.

What sets itself apart from the competition is that Temploy allows employers to eliminate manual rostering altogether. Employers can directly search for desired candidates with a proprietary algorithm that optimizes the placement of even multiple candidates into work schedules with a single click.

temporary hiring

Employers now seek candidates rather than the other way around. Candidates are only notified about jobs that fit their specified criteria.

For employee convenience, Temploy allows candidate users to create a calendar of available work slots down to half-hour increments and populate it at their digression. Candidates can state their preferences in work-locations, payment and skillsets – which is then matched to Employer needs. Only when a match is made, and consent is established, Temploy will contact information to be exchanged for both parties.

Temploy is the only platform that keeps both employer and candidate anonymous until the point of match. Their business model is simply to charge candidates a single dollar (1 SGD) for a successful match and employers two dollars for a vacancy slot. They expect to reach out Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hungary.

“Soon to expand throughout South East Asia and every place where there are employers need part-timers or vice versa,” promise Mark Koh.

With Temploy, by automatically and anonymously matching jobseekers to employers, it discourages employment discrimination for part time, casual and transient labour. This especially prevalent in distressed manual, service and semi-skilled verticals with transferable skills. Hence, more employers get skilled workers and more employees will get their desired jobs at the price and time of their convenience.

The startup are disrupting traditional human resources departments, some people might feel threatened by it. “People are so used to their familiar ways that they sometimes reject the better solutions to their problems,” claim Mark Koh.

However, Mark Koh believes HR departments will eventually come around to embrace Temploy.  “Employers that we have approached have largely welcomed the solution we provide with open arms. Especially to those in the F&B industry, this is a god-send as we not only find them the desired workers, we also help them with rostering,” told Mark Koh.

Temploy has an innovative algorithm that will democratize work-life balance hence it is appealing to the employees. “We emphasize on being able to work at the rate they deserve and at the hours they want. It is a compelling message that many will find hard to argue against,” Mark Koh concluded.

The upcoming startup aim to help people to find works. They believe that what they’re doing is also a social mission, especially for those who are disadvantaged.


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