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The millennial generation is online, ambitious, impulsive and very smart. Recruiting the best and the brightest of this generation, requires a new skill set. Stripping away many layers under which the role of a good recruiter has got buried and solely focusing on the core skills that are required to attract, recruit and retain millennials in these fast-paced times is indeed challenging for many hiring managers.

To aid recruiters and to make the process of hiring millennials easy, TimesJobs in India has recently unveiled a new Recruiter Skill Certification Program (RSCP) in association with Triedge, to help recruiters deconstruct roles, examine its varying facets, and gain insights and knowledge that help them deliver results.

Vikas Verma, Head of Product & Marketing, explains, “Recruiters are the matchmakers of the employment market – they need to study both the employer’s corporate culture and the employee’s profile and make an accurate assessment of the compatibility between the two – this is critical in ensuring the success of a placement. This accuracy of assessment can be sharpened considerably by doing TimesJobs RSC Program.”

Over 300 participants from 150 organizations, including the reputed names of IL&FS Technologies, Mercer, AbsolutData Research & Analytics have already participated in close to 20 RSC programs already conducted.

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While the pace of this program is fast, it helps recruiters gain perspective into expressed and unexpressed needs and opinions and improves effectiveness to engage, convince, and build relationships with both clients and candidates. Ashish Bagga, HR Admin at Bechtel India says, “This program provides a holistic view of the recruitment lifecycle.”

The Recruiter Skill Certification Program (RSCP) is an experiential workshop that recreates the dynamic recruitment environment with the use of videos, live exercises, demos, role-plays and case studies to enhance recruiter performance. It further imparts practical training on establishing a search framework, examining “where” to go looking for the right talent, getting to know “who” is that right fit and how to increase efficiency by utilizing the latest technologies and media for recruitment.

The RSC program trains recruiters to hone their professional skills, covering full range of topics to include:

  • Understanding job and profile contexts
  • Appreciating and incorporating view points of different stakeholders,
  • Getting an insider’s view of how the business and roles correlate,
  • Refining and decoding job descriptions,
  • Understanding and prioritizing the competencies required in the candidate,
  • Using search tools innovatively to reach that hard to find ‘perfect candidate’,
  • Conversing, evaluating and convincing candidates, and
  • Getting that elusive ‘wow factor’ HR managers are always on lookout for

Two-day intensive RSCP workshops are conducted in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata with plans for additional sessions in Pune and Ahmedabad.

HR Manager Nicoly Gupta who benefited from RSCP training affirms the veracity of the course, “The program starts by providing a bird’s eye view and then takes steps in recruitment in detail. Lots of exercises are included which kept up the pace and also enabled better understanding. The training included lots of examples for the Information and Technology Industry.”

If you wish to go millennial headhunting the right way, then this is one of the training programs HR managers can consider. The training workshop and program is provided by India’s leading career management and recruitment portal, TimesJobs.

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