Tech Roles Rule the Jobs Market in India: LinkedIn Report

September 10, 20189:55 am1463 views

If you are currently studying machine learning or application development at university, there are good chances that you will not have to be bothered about your future career as these skills are highly sought after in India, LinkedIn study found. As the country’s economic landscape is evolving, technology jobs are rising to dominate the jobs market.

Home to various multinationals and startup unicorns, Indian IT workers are creating a thriving indigenous tech industry and giving birth to successful global tech giants. However, tech companies are not the only ones that require skilled IT talents. As more and more businesses are shifting focus and resources to big data and digital products, this create massive employment opportunities for professionals with great IT skills. Leaders across manufacturing, media and entertainment, professional services, retail and consumer products, technology-software are looking at technology to drive scale, efficiency and growth.

Here are the top ten emerging jobs in India, based on LinkedIn’s analysis on its over 50 million members in India who included work experience on their profile:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer
  2. Application Development Analyst
  3. Back End Developer
  4. Full Stack Engineer
  5. Data Scientist
  6. Customer Success Manager
  7. Digital Marketing Specialist
  8. Big Data Developer
  9. Sales Recruiter
  10. Python Developer

“India’s indigenous tech talent has taken several global tech giants to success, hence it is no surprise that India’s top 5 emerging jobs orbit around technology and core technical skills across sectors,” Feon Ang, LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions VP Asia Pacific, said in a statement.

Among the study’s key finding suggested that upskilling is getting more important than ever. With top emerging jobs are all in extremely high demand, it becomes a huge recruitment challenge for HR and talent acquisitions team as they have to hire for positions that do not exist in the past. Instead of hiring for job title, recruiters need to hire for skills. The emphasis should be on looking for employees with transferable skills which enable them to adapt to changing workforce demands, the study said. As for the company, they need to design a workplace that enables conducive continuous learning for the employees.

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