Talent Mapping Platform, TalentDash Launched to Help Global Businesses Hire Smarter

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Talent Mapping Platform, TalentDash Launched to Help Global Businesses Hire Smarter
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The talent-mapping platform, TalentDash launched to help global startups and SMEs find and hire top talent using data. Companies can further set their own search preferences and parameters – from skills, education, experience, and more – on the easy-to-navigate platform.

TalentDash, a Singapore-based big data and talent acquisition platform, officially launched in Singapore to help global businesses better identify and recruit top candidates locally and worldwide.

The simple-to-use platform uses market intelligence and data aggregation to give startups and SMEs the ability to accurately target top talent quickly. TalentDash’s technology represents the next step in recruitment – consolidating huge amounts of talent information into an easily digestible format, allowing more companies to better integrate data and analytics into their hiring strategy.

“Startups and small businesses are often in need of skilled talent quickly, but too much time is spent on manual recruitment tasks or gut instinct, rather than using technology and data to drive better decision making,” said James Galvin, Founder of TalentDash.

“Singapore’s tight labour market means smaller businesses can struggle to find the best industry talent. A platform like TalentDash takes charge of the candidate sourcing, saving leaders from the tedious process of gathering candidates themselves.”

Users can easily set their own search preferences per role, define search parameters, and choose the level of accuracy they expect from the results. This means the list of discovered talent can be as broad or as niche as required.

Key features include visual heat maps to see exactly where talent is located, as well as the contacts of both active and passive job seekers, which can be exported. Additionally, the platform lets talent acquisition teams choose to target – or avoid – candidates from a particular company. The results can be broken down by which companies your ideal people are currently working for.

Visual heat maps helps to pinpoint talent, and the ability to find ideal candidates from specific companies (i.e. former or current Google or Facebook employees). Accurate results are presented within five working days.

TalentDash also solves a major recruitment barrier for startups and SMEs by reducing time-to-hire – the time between engaging a candidate and them accepting an offer.

This is often where many companies lose out on their top choice of talent. “By reducing time-to-hire, TalentDash helps companies rethink talent acquisition, allowing them to quickly ramp up hiring capabilities and use talent-mapping to validate recruitment strategies and align expectations,” Galvin added. Headquartered in Singapore, TalentDash is currently available to businesses globally.

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