Southeast Asia Staffing Trends in 2015

February 25, 201511:14 am1711 views

To win in 2015, HR professionals need to stay ahead of the latest staffing trends. Broader technology advancements have also begun to disrupt the talent industry, setting the stage for a dynamic and exciting future for the staffing industry.

LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions has surveyed 1,993 staffing decision makers in 19 countries to understand what’s keeping them up at night, and where they see the industry headed in 2015.

Their survey reveals 3 must-know talent acquisition trends and predictions for 2015. Here’s Southeast Asia staffing trends this year:


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1. Social professional networks are the top source for quality hires

Social professional networks are, in fact, the most important source of quality placements. The professional networks often enable HR professionals to contact passive job candidates.

Another fact that supports this prediction: Southeast Asia is above average for % of staffing firms that recruit passive candidates. The global average was 87%, while Southeast Asia reached 88%.

2. Brand is a key driver to hiring top talent

Global staffing leaders agree that brand is a priority that impacts their ability to hire top talent. Their actions are now beginning to catch up. Companies can get ahead of the competition by creating a proactive brand strategy.

There are numbers of reasons on why Southeast Asian agencies invest in their brand. The number one reason is due to increased competition. The other reasons are increase in client demand, need to raise general awareness, and increased belief in the impact of their company’s brand.

Coincidentally, online professional networks are the fastest growing channels for promoting a staffing agency’s brand in Southeast Asia. Yes, Southeast Asian companies are on top in prioritising and acting on their brand.

3. The future: professional networks and improved candidate & job matching are in the cards

Passive candidate recruiting and social professional networks are here to stay. Southeast Asian firms believe in the importance of referral programs significantly more than their global counterparts.

Candidate and job matching could reshape the recruiting industry. Southeast Asia firms believe that expanding into emerging markets is a key strategy for staffing firms of the future compared to their global peers.

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The original report first appeared on LinkedIn Talent Solutions

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