Singapore’s Recruitment Market Will See Strong Hiring of Supply Chain Professionals

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Singapore’s recruitment market will see strong hiring of supply chain professionals as companies look to become more efficient this quarter.

According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, fast-moving consumer goods, life sciences and retail industries are hungry for supply chain candidates as organisations look to improve the optimisation processes of their projects.

“Demand will continue to surge in the coming quarter as companies in these industries double efforts to create an efficient management style amid a fast-changing commercial landscape,” says Lynne Roeder, Managing Director for Hays in Singapore. “A large number of planned works to improve business efficiency will usher in significant demand for qualified talent.”

It’s predicted that some employers are likely to seek new hires from outside of Singapore to fill critical roles owing to a candidate shortage in the local market.

“Supply chain professionals with experience in healthcare, cold chain logistics, e-commerce and trade compliance sectors will be highly sought after as employers increasingly need high-calibre team leaders to direct a smooth transformation of their businesses into a model driven by digitalised strategies,” says Lynne.

“Amid a candidate-short market in Singapore, some employers will look beyond the local talent pool while attracting overseas professionals to fill vacancies.”

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In addition, the complex and fragmented trade and regulatory landscape of Asia is prompting companies to hire more trade compliance professionals in procurement to ensure that all business activities are in compliance with local rules and regulations.

“Within procurement, trade compliance professionals will find opportunities abound this quarter, and they are more than a hot commodity in the job market,” says Lynne. “Employers are required to move faster in their hiring processes to secure preferred candidates.”

In terms of candidate trends, many employees will take a wait-and-see approach in expectation of annual wage supplements due to be awarded in December.

“Nearly all organisations are set to pay the 13th month salary to employees at the end of December which will see candidates take a cautious stance on jumping ship to other companies,” says Lynne. “They will consider switching their roles only if they receive a substantial pay rise offered by other employers.”

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