Secrets to Hiring the Right Candidate

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Secrets to Hiring the Right Candidate
Secrets to Hiring the Right Candidate

You cannot deny the truth that in almost everything, there is always a secret that puts a zing to success. Well, this is also applicable to hiring. If you are going to ask any recruiter who’s in the business for almost 10 years, you will be surprised.


If you are thinking that the whole recruitment process is just simply resume, interview, exams and job offer, you are so mistaken!


Recruiters have a lot of tools and are fully armed with several unimaginable tools for recruiting.


Take these 6 secrets for instance. At first you might see them as normal or common. However when you look at it very closely, it’s so special that it’s most often taken for granted or neglected.


Going mobile to find candidates.

We are now living in a world that is dominated by technology and is very pro-mobility. Smart phones, tablets, and other gadgets that support mobility are everywhere. 86% of job seekers use mobile device for searching job opportunities.


Having said that, if your company is looking for a great hire, you should join the bandwagon! You should always be capable of answering queries and job applications in a mobile way. You will be assured of a very fast, reliable and tech savvy applicants for the job you are offering. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone.


Try hiring not because of experience but cultural fit.

Always putting in mind the current employees is also one best move in considering a candidate for the job. Experience indeed matters big. However what if the person you are wishing to hire won’t fit or won’t get along well with the current staff, you would definitely be creating a chaos in the office.


In the end, you will receive attrition either from the new hire or from the old ones. You wouldn’t want to lose trustworthy employees who stayed with your company for quite some time now, right?


Being proactive in hiring.

Always be in hiring mode. It is better to pool candidates who are good fit for the position and who knows, you might come across to one who is a perfect fit for the post.


Define your goals before starting to fill in a position.

Most companies are hiring because they have a certain vision and need a certain job post to fill in. Yes, it is important to set goals and to know what you really want from a recruit.


However, having a clear blueprint of how you’re going to measure those skills and abilities should also be considered. Defining success is way different from defining a goal.


Communication skills matter.

No matter what post you are filling in, communication skills are always first to consider in hiring an employee. If the new hire can’t convey or even understand a single command or request from his employer and co- workers, well, that’s going to be a big problem.


Unusual interview styles.

Getting a ton of information from an applicant in one sitting is very tricky. The interviewer should come up with a lot of variation and styles in extracting necessary information without giving the applicant the feel of being interrogated. In that way, the applicant is already giving you what you want to hear without asking that question.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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