Remote Hiring is the Key to Recruiting Top Talents

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Remote Hiring is the Key to Recruiting Top Talents
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Deel, a leading global compliance and payroll solution that helps businesses hire anyone, anywhere, today unveiled its State of Global Hiring Report H1 2022. The report deep dived into global hiring trends, revealing that rates of global hiring have increased by 145% or more across all regions, with companies in Latin America (LATAM) (161%) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) (159%) leading the way. Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and North America (NAM) follow closely behind, with a 155% and 149% increase in organizations hiring abroad respectively. Here is the recap of the report.

Talent crunch is now in the spotlight as the region confronts its highest talent shortage in decades. In Singapore, companies remain eager to hire international talent, with countries such as the Philippines (12%), India (12%), United States (11%), Indonesia (6%) and Canada (4%) coming in as the most popular countries to seek international talent from. Top roles that Singapore companies are hiring include Virtual Assistance (26%), Software Engineers (22%), Software Developers (10%), Content Writers (9%) and Community Managers (8%). Singapore talent is also highly sought after globally. The USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Israel and Virgin Islands represent the top countries currently hiring Singapore talent, with Sales and Software Engineer roles being the highest paying roles offered. 

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“Businesses must continue reinventing the way they communicate, operate, hire, and retain employees by pivoting to remote and flexible working arrangements. This has lent organizations the much-needed agility and efficiency to tackle a myriad of pain points – from addressing the challenges of talent crunch exacerbated by border restrictions, to accommodating growing employee demands for workplace flexibility,” said Karen Ng, Regional Head of Expansion & Market Lead Hong Kong, Singapore, ASEAN, India. 

Regional Insights At A Glance 

As remote and hybrid working models continue to operate as the norm in the age of the global endemic, companies are now enabled to hire outside of higher-cost countries to secure quality talent and alleviate the stresses arising from the dearth of qualified candidates. This shift has also helped prospective employees to find better opportunities, with salaries on the rise in many developing economies. 

In APAC, Australia (292%), Singapore (170%), and India (158%) emerged as the top three fastest growing countries by the organizations’ rate of hiring since H2 2021. Philippines, India, and Pakistan are the top three countries where remote workers are located. Three job roles that are highly in-demand are Software Engineer, Statistician, and Creative Solutions Specialist. 

The high demand for APAC talent is also echoed in the salaries drawn by employees, with countries such as India (158%), Philippines (104%), and Thailand (104%) seeing the biggest average percentage in salary gains across all job titles. Three job roles in APAC countries with the biggest average salary gains are Assistant, Customer Support, and Operations.

Perhaps it is necessary to expand the hiring pool in order to find high-quality candidates. Reach more broadly if you want excellent talent that won’t reduce earnings. For workers or freelancers, finding the most suitable job may require them to work for companies headquartered outside of their home country. With incomes rising in many developing nations, this trend is supporting talented people in finding better employment opportunities.


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