Recruiting Strategies that Most People Do Not Know

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Recruiting Strategies that Most People Do Not Know
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Becoming a quality recruiter requires a lot of skills and talents. For most of the time, your patience will be tested because you have to come across different kinds of people and personalities. Your endurance to grammatical errors and typographical errors will be put into test when checking candidates resumes, too.

Needless to say, undergoing the classic way of recruitment can be very lengthy and laborious. Today, we are living in the age where technology is a helping hand. The traditional job posting, generating applicants and filtering them manually could be too obsolete to keep up with the changing recruitment trends. Companies are now able to come up with a recruitment process that is easy yet effective in bringing top of the line applicants to the table.

Below are new and improved recruitment strategies that many of us do not know exists:

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Dual branding and recruiting platforms

This may look very easy for an employer who spends most of his time online, but for others, this won’t be their first choice in getting recruits. Utilizing online recruitment platforms and combining it with the company’s or employer’s profile will definitely help in reinforcing the brand, which is very necessary.

Job seekers nowadays are a little wiser. They are not only looking to the job descriptions alone but also takes a snapshot of the company’s working environment and culture before applying.

So, spending some time in building your company’s profile and using some branding strategies can help you land the most talented applicants.

Networks (Personal)

Getting into social and personal networks could be very handy. Nowadays, employers are also using social media as a source of good recruits. A little background check perhaps and also building up networks through groups and communities can definitely bring a lot of talents to the room.

Internal employees

Communication with current employees and being transparent with them about the needs of the company for new hires is also one strategy that employers use to generate new talents.

Most of the time, referral programs are offered by employers to their employees; and whoever refers a great candidate is being compensated with raffle tickets, gadgets and other incentives to motivate even more employees to refer.


Being visible in social events like job fairs, networking events and other similar functions are another strategy to gain better job applicants. By joining social events like this, the application process for the applicants can be very comfortable and should not take more than 10 minutes for them to know if they are shortlisted or not by the company.

This has a more relaxed environment and can give the applicants the chance to answer the questions properly without being so nervous.


Taking advantage of the graduation season is one. There are career opportunity events for the school’s graduating batch and you, as an employer should also be clear on what type of employees you like to hire depending on the course or the specialty the school has. By choosing the proper school, you can definitely see what you are looking for at the end of the day.

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