Recruiting an Ex Employee

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Recruiting an Ex Employee
recruiting an ex employee

Laying-off an employee is definitely one of the horrific events in both the company’s and an employee’s life. But since the economy is rebounding and the business is definitely making its way up again, thinking of re-hiring employees will definitely be one of the good ideas.


It is not beyond our knowledge that the past few years have been abundant with such cutbacks and layoffs. However businesses are starting to get back and re-staffing might be considered. It will be easier and way efficient in hiring reliable past employees.


Some companies refer to their re-hires as alumni, there are some which calls them boomerangs, but these businesses will claim that re-hiring their employees, their top performers can definitely help them increase their return on their investments.


A famous CEO of SelectMinds, Anne Berkowitch once stated that there are several outstanding reasons why business owners should considering hiring former employees. One benefit of which is that the cost- per- hire is basically erased. You already know the applicant, so you don’t really have to worry about hiring a recruiter.


Another plus for hiring a former employee is that aside from you know this person by heart; the employee in return knows anything and everything about the business. A lot of money and time will be saved because of reduced number of trainings. Employee retention will also be guaranteed for the employee already knows how the business operates.


And since the employee already knows what to do, the work accomplishments will be faster and more precise thus, saving the money big time.


Though it may sound so ideal, let’s be open to other possibilities of hiring former employees.


It may sound so enticing but it doesn’t automatically equate to bringing back everyone successfully. Re-hires should also be investigated and thought about just like external hires. It is important to remember that not all former employees are top employees.


There are some institutions that are assisting companies with their re-hire projects. Though this might take you more time and money, it is guaranteed that you will have the best of all the bests in your company. But even if you do not have the money to hire someone for this re-hire project, you can still be able to find other ways on bringing back your former employees.


A business owner can definitely start his own alumni network through the help of several social media platforms readily available in the internet. This will not cost anything as to most memberships are free. Of course, one of its goals should be following up on the former employees’ welfare after the layoff and also keeping them updated on company’s news and job openings.


This will not only help you organize and identify possible candidates, this will also help you keep track on your goals and timeline and the perfect timing. If you want to have more exclusivity in your alumni network, a website is definitely perfect for you. But for the meantime, you can just use the free social media platforms.


Let’s say you succeed in bringing back your former employees, it is polite not to forget your current employees. By giving them equal benefits and treating them fair, you will create a good working relationship between them and this will then help your business reach your goals.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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