Preparing for Group interview: Tips for the interviewers

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Preparing for Group interview: Tips for the interviewers
Preparing for Group interview - Tips for the interviewers

The value of group interview cannot be underestimated; it is known in human resource  management as a way to increase accuracy in talent assessment thus saving precious time in the hiring cycle. When organized well, the participation of subordinates leads to positive involvement in knowing the candidates properly while also learning from co-subordinates the proper interviewing skills. The left brainers combined with the right brainers warranty a more balanced talent assessment.

One major benefit of group interview is the absence of subjectivity or the possible personal bias of the interviewer in a one-on-one interview. There is high possibility that the hiring manager’s particular likeness to an applicant would make him focus on the wrong issues during the interview process. Such is unlikely the case in a group interview because of less personal interconnection.

When preparing for a group interview, participants need to prepare for the following:

Skills evaluation

Interviewers must clearly focus on assessing the candidate’s skills among others. While one interviewer may not have a good idea how to ask the right questions he/she must listen well to other interviewers how this is done to pick up the right answer to the queries. Skills pertaining to the following must be evaluated:

  • Communication skills and the methods used in properly relaying information to co-workers
  • Decision making skills and the factors that influence personal decisions
  • Negotiation skills and how influence is used to peers, vendors or clients
  • Management skills and how promotion of good team work is done with constructive criticisms
  • Problem solving skills and the analytical methods used in determining the root cause of a problem and its solution

Effective group discussion

A good interviewee reply is always based on a good question. It goes without saying that asking the right question will lead the interviewer to the answers he/she is seeking from the candidate. In order to determine which candidate stands out in the interview process, heed on the following cues:

  1. Does the candidate validate his/her claim over a skill by using successful past experiences in an interesting way? Doing so clearly demonstrates the ability to communicate well.
  2. How does the applicant show interest in the interviewers? Is an aura of positivity present all throughout the interview process?
  3. Arms folded over the chest, fingers tapping and leaning backwards are just a few signs that say the candidate has some personality issues. Whether the candidate is aware of these or not, make sure interviewers are.
  4. Creative and independent thinkers are always welcome but not a smart aleck.
  5. How is a differing opinion raised? It is with full tact and respect to end in a healthy disagreement?
  6. How do the applicant support interesting ideas from the interviewers? Does the supporting idea made the former more interesting or simply just an act of gesture in general agreement?
  7. Are answers to questions relevant? This is the test for listening skills.
  8. Is the candidate an out-of-the-box thinker? How is this demonstrated during the interview process?

Hiring mistakes can be avoided when an organization utilizes group interview in properly selecting a candidate. Interviewers are likewise excellent representatives of the existing culture of the company thus creating a good opportunity to determine if the candidate would eventually be a good representative as well in the near future.

Of course, before you make the offer, please practice these!


Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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