NTU’s Fresh Graduates Earn Higher Salaries, Most Sought after by Employers

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Fresh graduates from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) earned high salaries and continue to be well sought after by employers despite the weak economy last year.

According to the findings from the Joint Graduate Employment Survey 2016, NTU’s fresh graduates from the Class of 2016 earned a high median gross monthly salary of $3,300, compared to $3,250 in 2015. Business and Computing graduates earned a high median salary of $4,600, followed by Aerospace Engineering graduates with $3,675, and National Institute of Education’s Arts (with Education) and Science (with Education) graduates earning $3,525.

Strong Employability

Professor Tan Ooi Kiang, NTU’s Associate Provost (Undergraduate Education) said, “Demand for our fresh graduates remained consistently high even during weak economic growth. It shows that employers appreciate NTU’s highly skilled graduates and are willing to pay them well.”

“Many top companies target NTU graduates because they know our students are ready to do the job from the get-go. The combination of high quality education, overseas exchanges, internships, and other challenging real-life experiences give NTU students an added edge in the global talent race,” Prof Tan added.

On this year’s outlook, Prof Tan said, “I’m hopeful about the job prospects for our graduates this year, despite the current economic conditions. For example, NTU’s Career Fair last week saw a record 240 participating organisations and more than 4,400 jobs available. There are many exciting job opportunities waiting for our graduates in diverse economic sectors.”

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Higher Salaries

The overall median gross monthly salary for NTU’s fresh graduates in full-time permanent employment was $3,300 in 2016, compared to $3,250 in 2015. The overall mean gross monthly salary was $3,424 in 2016, similar to $3,419 in 2015.

Graduates with degrees in Physics/Applied Physics have the highest increase in mean gross monthly salary of 15.6 percent, followed by computer science, Chinese, and civil engineering degree-holders.

For 2016, the top three courses with the highest mean gross monthly salaries were Business and Computing ($4,407), Accountancy and Business ($3,893) and Computer Science ($3,848). The median salaries of graduates from these courses were $4,600, $3,500, and $3,500 respectively.

Employers on Lookout for NTU Grads

Overall, around nine in 10 of NTU’s fresh graduates last year were found working in full-time permanent, part-time, temporary and freelance employment opportunities within six months of completing their final examinations, similar to 2015.

Recruitment was highest in the services sector that hired eight in ten NTU graduates, as employers continued to invest in fresh talent.

Besides National Institute of Education graduates (100%), NTU’s graduates in Accountancy and Business (97.4%), Accountancy (97.3%), Computer Science (94.6%) and Information Engineering and Media (94.6%) had the highest overall employment rates.

Nine in 10 new graduates from the Nanyang Business School found jobs six months after completing their final examinations. Many of them received more than one job offer and some clinched a job as early as their second year, for performing well during their internships.

Similarly, around nine in 10 graduates from Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Engineering and Media, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Maritime Studies, Chinese, Economics, and Mathematics and Economics, secured full-time permanent jobs within six months of finishing their final examinations.

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