New Jobs Portal Uses High-tech Algorithms to Better Match Talents and Jobs

April 23, 20189:51 am1050 views

A new high-tech job search portal called was launched on Tuesday (Apr 17) to better connect local jobseekers with prospective employers. The portal utilises unique algorithm that is able to prioritise search results according to the relevance of a jobseeker’s skill. Another key feature includes filtering results to show those under government schemes that support training.

The new job platform is developed by Workforce Singapore (WSG) and the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) to replace the interface of the existing Jobs Bank for users. Further, WSG plans to launch the function for employers to post job openings by the end of this year. As for now, employers can only post jobs on Jobs Bank and the posts will be published automatically on

About 100 users took part in a pilot run of the new portal from October to December 2017. The site itself went live since January this year and has received about 280,000 visitors as of the first week of April, Straits Times reports.

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Speaking at a roadshow on government job schemes at Suntec City mall, Second Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo told reporters on Tuesday that the portal is meant to provide jobseekers a ‘smarter and faster way’ to find the right opportunities in the next phase of their careers.

“Today, some jobseekers send out many resumes, not knowing whether there is a good job fit and whether they have the skills employers are looking for. Employers also have a similar problem – they have to sieve through a lot of CVs (curricula vitae), and sometimes it is hit and miss, they may not find who they are looking for.”

Mrs Teo said that the government wants to deliver better service to jobseekers who are increasingly relying on technology in their job search. Amidst the rapid change in the job landscape, the portal can help talents to find out the skill relevance to jobs, even allow them to see areas where they can enhance their skills.

Smart machine learning is used to calculate the relevance of jobseekers’ skills and analyse job descriptions and identify the skills needed for a job. Then, it compares these with skills that the jobseeker has indicated, which is displayed as a percentage from zero to 100.

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