Most Promising Careers for Millennials in 2015

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Most Promising Careers for Millennials in 2015
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With burgeoning opportunities flooding markets and high-growth outlook forecasts for companies, the most promising careers for millennials in 2015 are on a rise. Companies in sync with the current market demands and trends are very much aware of the fact that unless they recruit talent young, they have bleak prospects for the future.

The fields that offer promising outlook for millennials in 2015 include – social media manager, data scientist, computer systems analyst, civil engineer, advertising account executive, physical therapist, market research analyst and statistician. While the list of opportunities seems to increase, there continues to be dearth of talent and hence the war to find the perfect hire for the most suitable job is on.

According to latest estimates drawn by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), “There are 4.5 million 16-to-19-year-olds, 13.6 million 20-to-24-year-olds and 31.2 million 25-to-34-year-olds currently employed.”

For millennials still in college, majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) field is the single best alternative to guarantee strong returns on investment post graduation. However, graduating in STEM requires persistence and tremendous efforts, but the avenues for unlocking talent potentials open up post qualifying a degree.

Considering the surge in demand for fresh new talent from different industries, careers such as civil engineers will be in demand and would be offered higher pay rates. Similarly in the growing IT industry, increasingly more apps are crowding the technology space; hence software engineers will be in demand as well.

This applies to all those industries that see a lack of skilled manpower, and if you are among the selected one for such jobs, the perks and lucrative benefits on job is incomparable. To clarify, not every job that ranks as the best for millennials is going to offer higher pay package immediately.

However, holding onto a job and seeking learning experiences will only help you to stand a better chance to win over the competition. With untapped potential for quick upward mobility, it is indeed a fair compensation for many millennials.

Lee Caraher, a San Francisco-based author of the book, ‘Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making It Work at Work’ says, “A business without Millennials is a business without a future. Either you hire Millennials or you might as well shut down.”

This sudden reflection somehow has resulted in the flux of job opportunities being created by companies to recruit and train the millennial generation. This helps millennials stand a fair chance to disprove the negative stereotypes associated with them as being narcissistic, obstinate and lacking initiative.

When hiring millennials, HR managers should let go of the hiring tactics being implied on baby boomers and Gen-X. Instead the hiring managers should focus on making the work more meaningful, get the Gen-Y engaged on job and thus facilitate retention of talent within the organisation.

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HRs should take initiative to give the new hires a chance to change the world in their own small way as this is one of the key ingredients to retain millennials on job.

Unlike Gen-X, millennials believe in staying enthused and focused on work. However, if the work doesn’t captivate their interests for long, they might move on or imply traits of distraction to get all due attention from other staffers and co-workers at the workplace.

It is important for employers to demonstrate, why millennials are most sought after for this particular job and follow a transparent approach to seek the talented hire. Besides the social media manager, which is one of the most suited and best jobs for the millennial generation, the CareerCasts Best Job for Millennials in 2015 enlists some more, they are:

    • Annual Median Salary: $115,750
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 12%
    • Annual Median Salary: $79,340
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 20%
    • Annual Median Salary: $79,680
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 25%
    • Annual Median Salary: $124,149
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 15%
    • Annual Median Salary: $67,520
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 27%
    • Annual Median Salary: $60,300
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 32%
    • Annual Median Salary: $79,860
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 36%
    • Annual Median Salary: $ 46,169
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 13%
    • Annual Median Salary: $ 93,350
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 22%
    • Annual Median Salary: $75,560
    • Projected Growth Outlook: 27%

“Finding creative ways to hire and retain the millennial generation – the largest generation in the workforce – is essential for companies to succeed through the rest of this decade and beyond,” says Tony Lee, publisher, CareerCast. “That’s especially true for companies looking to fill jobs in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sector, where demand is outpacing supply.”

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