Most Companies Do Student Recruiting

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According to a 2015 report from LinkedIn Talent Solution, most companies recruit students. Student recruiting is, turns out, a common thing worldwide. The survey muster 4,125 talent recruiting decision makers in 31 countries as their sample.

Most companies globally recruit students as part of their overall talent acquisition strategy. They keep recruiting ‘young professionals’. The report determined ‘young professionals’ are anyone who is 0-3 years out of school.

In general, 79% companies recruit young professionals to some extent or very much so. While 21% companies don’t recruit young professional much or at all.

This trend is even more exists for small businesses. They recruit students more than large companies do. Small businesses might be on the lookout for the most progressive technical skills to successfully compete in their industries. Students often have the most up to date technical skills.

Not less than 70% small businesses do student recruiting, while 30% of them don’t. The percentage is bigger than 64% large companies do student recruiting, while 36% of them don’t.

The majority of global companies recruit students

Most companies recruit students. In countries like Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil, it’s extremely common. In Asia continent, India and Southeast Asia are above global average on student recruiting. More companies hire young professionals in India and Southeast Asia than other Asia counterparts.

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Competition is main obstacle to recruiting students

No matter who you recruit, competition will be a major obstacle so get ready to compete. There are various big obstacles for talent recruiters face in attracting young professionals to their company. On the global trend, it’s 36% competition, 31% compensation, 29% lack of awareness of or interest in the employer brand, 20% location, and 15% lack of awareness that they’re hiring young professionals.

In conclusion, recruiting leaders are fairly aligned with what young professionals want in a job.

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The original report first appeared on LinkedIn Talent Solutions

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