Most Anticipated Growing Career Fields In 2022

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Most Anticipated Growing Career Fields In 2022
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Top talents are competing to land jobs and the same time, some industries are eyeing for top talents to acquire and retain this year. Thanks to the massive vaccination drive, global Coronavirus cases are decreasing and businesses are slowly operating back to normal. With the business environment looking to rise this year, some industries are anticipated to witness faster growth more than others. 

In her article for Forbes, Ashley Stahl said it is not easy to foresee the future trends precisely amidst the ever-changing dynamics of business and the world in general. Although there is no definite, fool-proof answer to foresee the future, some industries surely look more promising than ever. If you are a fresh graduate or a veteran talent eyeing for exciting new opportunities, here are some of the most anticipated growing career fields in 2022.

1 . Information and Technology (IT)

IT has been a rapidly growing industry for the past decades. What is really changing now is that there will be a greater emphasis on virtual team and smartphone development, which has raised demand for software and app developers. Companies are already hiring people who managed to learn to code online, despite the fact that this area has previously needed a bachelor’s degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), by the end of the decade, the software development career path will increase by 22%, creating over 300,000 new employment. Therefore, if you are considering a job shift and are interested in technology, you might want to consider taking some coding courses.

2 . Healthcare

According to research, more than one-third of nurses are considering quitting the profession after experiencing a months-long onslaught of patients. COVID-19 outbreak has surely drained medical and healthcare workers to the point that they highly consider quitting after two years of relentless service. Although there has been a shortfall of qualified nurses for many years, the outbreak has worsened the situation. That is one of the reasons why healthcare is expected to be a high-growth industry in the future. By 2027, there will be a demand for at least 500,000 additional Registered Nurses. However, in addition to a license, you must have a bachelor’s degree in science or an associate’s degree in nursing.

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3 . Financial Management

More and more people are becoming financially literate. The effect? Financial management industry is increasing in its prominence all around the world. Economics major fresh graduates can seize this opportunity starting as early as 2022. Recent study predicted careers in this industry will expand by 15% over the next year. Financial managers are employed to analyze a company’s spending and revenue in order to optimize revenues. MBA candidates are frequently sought by Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, smaller businesses may also recruit finance managers with bachelor’s degrees.

4 . Supply Chain Management

Online shopping has become an inevitable part of people’s daily lives, which makes supply chain management an in-demand industry these days. The pandemic upended many merchants’ long-standing reliance on just-in-time delivery methods. Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst, and Distribution Manager are all examples of jobs in this industry. Although many people begin with a bachelor’s degree, top earners typically possess master’s degrees. Industrial engineers are also in high demand in supply chain management. Thus, if you are good with math, statistics, and engineering concepts and enjoy making systems operate better, that might be the career for you.

5 . Actuarial and Statistician

If you think data and statistics are your cup of tea, a career as an actuary or statistician might be ideal for you. Actuaries are expected to increase at a nearly 20% annual pace by the end of 2020. Actuaries work for insurance firms and make decisions about whether or not to cover a potential customer. They frequently hold a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science and a series of licenses. Similarly, statisticians have a similar function for businesses, evaluating data and forecasting future sales, profitability, and growth barriers. Data Scientists, who assist businesses in effectively utilizing information, are expected to have a 30% increase in employment by 2030.

Is your current career field listed above? Even if it does not, you do not have to worry. Switching careers take both tremendous courage and many considerations. Therefore, there is no use in ‘fear of missing out’ when it comes to your career. What may be right for others may not be right for you and vice versa. Stay in your own lane and run at your own pace!

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