More than Half Professionals in Singapore Willing to Accept Contract Jobs

February 5, 20183:47 pm864 views

Recent survey by recruitment firm Page Personnel Singapore indicated that more Singaporean workers are open to take contract jobs. The research called The Page Personnel Singapore Contracting Minute 2018 surveyed 3,861 professionals from various sectors across the country.

Among the key findings of the survey is that 60 percent or 3 in 5 respondents said that they are willing to accept a contract role if they are unable to find a suitable permanent position. Professionals who have been unemployed for an extended period of time also expressed similar willingness.

While the number of Singaporean firms are increasing their contracting headcount, professionals indicated several considerations before accepting such contract roles. Among the most common considerations include the fear of job insecurity for the longer term (26 percent), lack of employee benefits (24 percent), as well as a lower sense of belonging to a company (23 percent).

The survey also found that professionals stand a higher chance of agreeing a contract position if the company provide favourable compensation. About 30 percent respondents said they will take contract jobs if they are offered higher than market rate salary, 26 percent professionals consider the job if it comes with equal benefits as permanent hires, while the other 21 percent sees if there is the assurance of conversion to a permanent role.

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Regarding to the findings, Page Personnel Singapore’s associate director Mellissa Mayne said that hiring managers need to be educated to ensure that they understand the need for competitive employee benefits in order for candidates to feel valued at the workplace. Unless business leaders are willing to do this, they will not be able to attract potential talents they need for their positions, Business Insider reports.

“We are now seeing contracting professionals being offered completion bonuses, flexi-benefits and other benefits associated with permanent employment,” she added.

Additionally, the survey also noted increasingly positive sentiment toward contract-based jobs. More than half respondents (55 percent) have an optimistic feeling that such employment will bring positive impact on their long-term career. Meanwhile, some 36 percent who were more receptive to such roles had more than 10 years of job experience.

Others also felt that contract jobs can be good for one’s portfolio, the survey found. 23 percent of those surveyed acknowledge the opportunity to gain exposure to other industries, 20 percent see such contract roles as a foot in the door to specific organisation, while the other 19 percent say they welcomed the work-life balance and flexibility.

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