Malaysia’s Most In-Demand Jobs in 2022

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Malaysia’s Most In-Demand Jobs in 2022
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The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has forced both business organizations and talents alike to pivot and navigate a new way of life. With pandemic lockdowns dramatically changing the job landscape, the work modes, efficiency, and overall employment in almost all industries across Malaysia are following suit too. In the new normal, most are now relying on the advancement of technology to sustain work remotely or to keep businesses running.

Recently, JobStreet released its report on the jobs in Malaysia that offer plenty of opportunities for 2022. Here they are:

1. Information technology and software development

Tech jobs are in high demand these days, as companies from various industries integrate digital technology into their daily operations. An increasing reliance on digital technology means more job opportunities in tech. 

Software and app developers are on top of the list, as they are responsible for creating digital platforms for businesses. The same goes for web developers and user experience (UX) designers; these professionals provide smart designs for these platforms in order to increase business effectiveness. The rise of telecommuting has made information technology (IT) jobs one of the most in-demand, as well. Positions such as system analysts and cyber security specialists are still important in companies that need to establish new IT systems for the new normal.

Jobseekers with a background in IT should make the most out of these increasing opportunities. Coming from a different industry? You can consider a career shift to tech by updating or adding to your skills.

2. Digital marketing jobs

Part of Malaysia’s shift to the digital space is the evolution of sales and marketing. Many companies are now aware of the importance of digital marketing with today’s generation of customers. Digital consumption and interaction have increased over the years and have accelerated further during the pandemic. This has opened up new roles in companies trying to leverage this new market opportunity.

A digital marketing specialist is an ideal job for those who want to create, manage, and execute digital marketing campaigns. Thus, it is one of the most in-demand jobs for the future. A marketing analyst role is for those who have expertise in data analysis. Meanwhile, jobseekers who have a passion for social media can find a role as social media managers. 

There are also plenty of roles in content marketing, whether it’s as writer or editor for written content, or video producer or graphic artist for video content. Digital marketing is the new name of the game in marketing and sales today. It is an industry filled with many opportunities especially for jobseekers who are eager and willing to upskill and learn new things.

3. Finance jobs

Times may change but money remains a constant for any economy. As many companies adapt to new challenges, people with financial expertise are greatly needed. Financial analysts, investment advisors, and accountants are critical positions in today’s market. They are instrumental in guiding businesses through this challenging economic period and helping them survive or even thrive by maximizing profit opportunities. Needless to say, finance jobs will continue to be among the most in-demand jobs in Malaysia.

4. Project managers

The ability to adapt has been the most important trait for companies during these past few years. That is why there has been an increased demand for project managers, who are responsible for steering workplaces as they transition into the new normal. A project manager holds a position that is of great use in various corporate functions, whether in business continuity, sales, or even office administration. Where there is a new business opportunity, there is always a great need for project managers. As 2022 offers new possibilities, this role will continue to offer great career potential. 

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5. Business development and sales executives

New business opportunities for the coming years also mean more demand for workers in business development and sales. Companies will be looking to leverage new revenue streams and marketing opportunities as they continue to adapt to the new normal. As such, sales executives will need to be resourceful. Traditional sales skills such as communication and people skills are still needed but upskilling in digital marketing will be valuable in 2022. Sales executives these days need to be well-versed in email and social media marketing to generate more leads and increase conversion.

6. Medical professionals

As the pandemic continues to create uncertainty, health will continue to be a top priority in Malaysia. This means that medical professionals, especially nurses, will continue to be in high demand. The country’s healthcare industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. So, it will need all the support it can get in the coming year. This will remain the case even as Malaysia ramps up vaccination, healthcare for those recovering from COVID-19, and monitoring of new cases.

7. Educators

The educational system also went through major upheaval over the last two years, forcing teachers to adapt on the fly and shift to at-home learning. Schools and universities in Malaysia continue to be in remote learning mode and may still be the case in the next school year. Educational institutions will be looking for teachers who are tech-savvy and well-versed in new teaching techniques catered to the digital age.

Teachers may need to improve their tech skills as well as update their teaching skills for the new normal. Schools and universities are looking to bridge the generation gap between teachers and students, who are digital natives of the current technologies. As much as there are challenges with the current educational setup, there are also plenty of opportunities that teachers can tap with the technology available to them. 

8. Customer service executives

Aside from the economy’s shift into digital technology, another significant change that may prove lasting is the emphasis on customer service. In difficult times, it is paramount for companies to place special attention on the human side of the business. Never has the phrase “the customer is always right” been more relevant than today, when brands need to be more aware of their products’ benefits to people’s lives.

Jobseekers should look for increased opportunities in customer service. Soft skills such as patience, professionalism, and problem-solving will still be important to hirers. But to have a future-proof career in customer service, you must also learn all about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Customer service jobs are no longer just limited to resolving customer issues. With CRM, customer service practitioners are now expected to be proficient in upselling and analyzing customer behavior. Be sure to take a course on CRM so that you can have a more holistic approach to customer service.

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