Majority of Freshgrads in China Hunt Jobs Online Amid the Outbreak

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Majority of Freshgrads in China Hunt Jobs Online Amid the Outbreak
Majority of Freshgrads in China Hunt Jobs Online Amid the Outbreak

A recent survey by China Youth Daily found that 92.2 percent of recent graduates in China have applied for jobs through online recruitment services amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Fan Ting, a recent graduate majoring in computer science in Nanjing, capital of eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, sent out dozens of resumes online and attended written tests and interviews from two potential employers.

Unlike dragging from pillar to post in traditional job hunting, Fan thinks seeking jobs online works well for her, with less stress that comes from face-to-face communication.

The survey covered 1,923 college students who are soon to be graduates this year. Nearly 70 percent of them believed that this kind of job hunting could break the geographical restrictions and cover a wider range, while 65.6 percent suggested including more recruitment information on the platforms, Xinhua reports.

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The survey showed that 53.9 percent of the respondents received job offers through online recruitment.

The number of college graduates this year is expected to reach 8.74 million, according to the Ministry of Education. To help them find jobs, the ministry launched a 24-hour online campus recruitment program together with five major job-hunting websites last month, which offers more than 2 million job positions.

“Online recruitment is a growing trend, not just a temporary measure,” Lin Xinqi, a professor at Renmin University of China, was quoted by the newspaper.

Lin also reminded job seekers of being prudent in dealing with issues online, particularly when it comes to payment and personal information.

Among the surveyed graduates, 65 percent of them hope the online employment system could be more user-friendly, and 61.6 percent of them called for stricter verification on employers in the campus recruitment.

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