Machines as the New-Age Recruiters: How Do You Use AI in HR?

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Advancements in technology have been a great enabler of things that was once considered impossible. One of the hottest trends making news worldwide is use of artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI. In general, AI is defined as an intelligent tool that uses algorithms to mimic cognitive functions, thus enabling them to imitate humans. Then how can human resource department use this human-like machine to improve upon the human capital?

Holding one of the core functions to keep the organisation running smoothly, HR department plays a vital role to source, fetch, and retain the best talents. Furthermore, HR is focused on engaging and developing the intellectual force on the board. In order to perform these functions well, the company should invest more in new HR technology. Big data and analytics have become the buzzwords that many HR professionals talk about. However, access to data alone is no longer enough to retain top performers, it is important to think bigger.

For many industries, AI is an attractive technology, and HR department is no exception. There are several reasons why leaders should consider employing intelligent machines at work. One of them being, AI helps HR reduce mundane administrative tasks in a recruitment process. Oftentimes, HR is also entangled by the presence of subtle bias and favouritism within the organisation, which impacts on unreliable decision making process.

With AI-powered technology, such cases can be minimised because AI will systematically provide suggestions for a course of action, with respect to objective assessments towards the employees. Not to mention, AI also supports to leverage the company’s big data and translates them into meaningful information that can help elevate your efforts in scaling up the department’s quality.

Then how can you use AI to perform HR functions? Here are 5 ways HR can use artificial intelligence:

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  1.    Candidate screening

Using AI tools to implement candidate screening will help outsource and assess the best candidates effectively, quickly, and efficiently. With this technology, you can test the talents for their skills, without the need to interact directly with them. Instead, you just have to ask them to interact with AI-bots and answer common questions related to the job roles (both written and oral).

AI can even schedule meetings and interviews, sort resumes, and even send notification emails to the applicants. This way, you can gather information about the individuals in a more well-organised manner.

  1.      Candidate engagement

More employers are recognising the importance of candidate engagement even before they apply for the job, and AI is the right tool to make this happen. For example, candidates do not get a chance to communicate or interact directly with their employer, when they apply for a job role through a career site.

To avoid this kind of radio silence, you can develop and integrate AI in your website to provide real-time responses for the candidates, such that they can engage themselves in the business faster.

  1.      Onboarding program

In order to help new hires adapt with the workplace culture quickly, you have to design an organised onboarding program. The problem is, you cannot always assist them in this program. To solve this problem, AI can help assist new hires during onboarding by providing necessary information and resources, giving explanation about the company policies, as well as answering common questions.

  1.       Training and development

In order to maintain employees’ quality and job performance, AI can help determine the best training and development methods which fit your employees’ necessities and capabilities. Through this strategy, you can obtain the right personalised development program to advance in their careers.

  1.       Employee experience

One of the best ways to boost employee retention is by ensuring that your workforce has seamless employee experience. With AI tools, you can turn the data stored in your system into insightful information that will help create a personalised employee experience. What’s more, AI can be used in various forms, such as chat-bots, emails, or virtual meetings.

The presence of AI in HR industry should not be seen as a threat that will change or disrupt the company’s culture and performance. Instead, AI is employed to improve quality and extend the reach of HR efforts. It is time HR professionals step up to embrace new technology by combining the power of HR experts with sophisticated AI technology. Only through this method, a strong collaboration that puts HR into the spotlight will be created.

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