Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed by Employers

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For sure, many of job seekers – whether a first-timer or looking for a better one than their current job – already have a target company they would like to work for. This is actually a good thing since it helps narrow our job-hunting efforts, allowing us to prepare ourselves for the interview and anticipate all related questions regarding their company.

However, with an oversaturated job market that we have today, how confident are you that your job application to your desired company will be shortlisted, let alone be noticed by the hiring manager?

No matter how impressive your resume is or how flawlessly you pass the initial interviews and assessments, if there are many applicants who also exhibit the same then there’s a great possibility that it won’t matter at all.

The competition in the job market today is so stiff that even a good scholastic record and work experience will not suffice to get noticed by the company you desire to work for.

So how do you get noticed by the HR managers of your target companies?

In this Infographic, we will unveil the practical steps that can surely help work your way to your target company today.


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