Job Seekers Don’t Trust Companies with No Employer Reputation Online, Study Finds

September 13, 201911:23 am1152 views

A survey by Indeed, the world’s no.1 job site, reveals 71 percent job seekers would not apply to a position if there was no information about a company’s employer reputation online. A vast majority (97 percent) of job seekers in India deem it essential to have insight into a company’s employer reputation when they are considering a new job opportunity. 95 percent job seekers say it is important to have access to up-to-date information about a company when evaluating it.

According to the report, 67% of respondents said they would automatically distrust the company if there was no information about a company’s employer reputation. Employer reputation is a key factor considered by job seekers when deciding which companies to apply to.

When it comes to belief in the genuineness of job postings, 72 percent of employees said that they would not believe a job opportunity is real, if there was no information about a company’s employer reputation available online.

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The survey also reveals that employee focus goes beyond salary and towards employment perks, career prospects and stability. 63 percent of job seekers said online company reviews by current and former-employees would be the most important factor when trying to decide whether to apply for a role at a company. It is therefore important for companies to be transparent and share employer information online where it is easily accessible.

Almost two thirds (65 percent) of respondents say that their perception of a company would become more positive if an employer responds to a negative review online. Further, when researching a company before applying for a job, job seekers look for insight into factors of the company such as career growth opportunity (59 percent), stability (49 percent), salary ranges for roles they are interested in (49 percent), benefits, perks and flexibility (46 percent) and company leadership and other management levels (44 percent).

Commenting on the survey findings, Mr. Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India said, “As employer reputation becomes increasingly important, companies cannot overlook what their future workforce wants. Unlike the past, information exchange now takes place at light speed and it is essential for companies to stay equipped to meet employee expectations. Companies should proactively share employer information and their offerings online to ensure they don’t go unnoticed by the job seeker. Transparency and trust is of utmost significance to the job seeker, therefore employers must maintain consistent engagement with them.”

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