Job Posting Hacks: How to Write Effective Job Description

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Description in job posting is critical, given that a good job description can attract potential talents to apply for your company. As important as it sounds, job posting description serves as the basic for interviewing candidates, giving orientation for new hires, and evaluating job performance. It can also be part of good management skills as good job description will attract good talent people who can help company grow.

However, crafting job description can be a tricky task to do. You need to consider a few aspects before posting your job so potential candidates will not misunderstand what you are trying to tell in your job ads. Here is science-backed tips, according to Ebi, to help you compose appealing job description in your next job openings.

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for the Job Title

How many characters you usually write in your job title?

You should write it around 50-60 characters long. By giving short job title, it can engage 30-40 percent more candidates. In writing job title, you should specify job position and the industry. Usually, readers take a glance on the job title first before reading full description. Owing to this reason, writing a specific job caption can outperform 60 percent than those without specific title.

For example, instead of writing ‘shaft & tunnel manager’, you can make it clearer and specify it by listing ‘tunneling engineer’. If you make your job title as attractive and effective as possible, it can easily entice more skilled candidates.

for Description

Your job description should be concise and as attractive as the job title.

Do not write too long description, keep it simple by writing only 4000 to 5000 words. By writing in that approximate length, it will only take 15 minutes or less to read. It can give you better high click-to-apply rate rather than those with longer description.

Additionally, keywords are important in many aspects so if you put keywords in your description, it will increase up to 10 percent click on your job posting. The more related keyword you put in your description, the more people are interested to read it.

Next is you should optimise candidates’ age group. This can help you target your next employee. Usually, 16 – 24 years old group is most likely interested in a job that pays bills, 25-35 age groups is interested in jobs with a career path, while the 35+ age group is more interested in long term jobs.

for Layout

The most importantly, make your layout mobile-friendly. There are 53 percent of 18 – 29 years old candidates using smartphone for job search and application. Therefore, making your job posting fit in one screen of a smartphone can help attract talents to read the job opening and apply. Not only that, including salary range information can also double the number of applicants by 50 percent as readers can match it with their salary expectation.You can include your salary information on top of your job posting.  

Another thing you should notice is the layout for job description. Eye-tracking system shows that readers usually skip the bottom line of description sections completely. Therefore, you should always write the important information first and as good as possible, make your job description scannable.

Not only job description, you should also write company description. People are not only interested in what they apply but also in who they work with. They spend almost as much time reading company description as they read job description. Approximate time candidates use to read is 25.9 second for job description, 23 second for company description, and 14.6 second for job requirements.

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