Japan’s Life Sciences Sector Sees Demand for Talent in Regenerative Medicine and Biosimilars

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Japan’s Life Sciences industry will continue to compete for the best candidates this quarter with hiring tipped to remain strong in a number of areas, according to recruiting experts Hays.

The latest Hays Quarterly Report shows that despite a general slowdown in Life Sciences, sectors including regenerative medicine and biosimilars, are recruiting for a number of new roles over the January to March quarter.

“The pharmaceutical industry in Japan remains one of the most sophisticated in the world. Developing attraction and retention programs is a key priority for many organisations this quarter with the most savvy looking at ways to entice quality Japanese candidates now working overseas to move back home,” says Marc Burrage, Managing Director of Hays in Japan.

“While the pace of hiring has slowed across research and development, and commercial operations, we are seeing strong levels of recruitment in several areas including regenerative medicine and biosimilars,” Marc added.

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Life Sciences more generally, and regenerative medicine and biosimilars in particular, have benefited from government initiatives and regulatory changes. These initiatives include the creation of a dedicated pharmaceutical “regenerative medicine products” category and a regulatory environment that enables biosimilar companies to bring products to market faster than competing markets such as the US.

According to the Hays Quarterly Report for January to March, new headcount is expected within regenerative medicine organisations for medical science liaisons, scientists, regulatory affairs professionals and clinical research and development professionals.

“Japan still has one of the fastest growing elder populations in the world and its public medical insurance system makes pharmaceutical drugs and a range of medical and health treatments highly accessible – both these factors play a role in the industry’s continued strength,” says Marc.

The biosimilar sector is seen as crucial to curbing public healthcare costs in Japan. Not surprisingly we are seeing good levels of hiring in this sector including sales representatives, product managers and marketing professionals.

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