Is Social Media a Great Assessment Tool?

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Is Social Media a Great Assessment Tool?
is social media a great candidate assessment tol

Recruitment process for a possible candidate can be very tedious on the part of the recruiter. Exams, a series of interviews and sometimes, practicums are required in order to screen qualified applicants.


However, nowadays, hiring a professional has become easier and more convenient for both the recruiter and the applicant. We can now use the power of social media as one of the tools to be used in a recruitment process. It will be unwise, however not to take advantage of this. It’s free, very powerful, easy, yet sometimes, time consuming. But based on a recent study conducted by Rappler, 91% of employers check their candidates via social media, 69% of which said they have rejected some applications because of what they saw online about them.


Most common reasons were lies regarding their qualifications, negative posts about their previous employer, poor communication skills, inappropriate photos and comments and there are times that some displayed some confidential information about their previous employers.


Social media ethics are also being taken into consideration by employers. Small ethics like sending smileys and emoticons to message the employers. There are some instances that applicants were rejected because the use of text language in a job application and in an email.


On the other side, in another survey conducted by Rappler, 68% of candidates were hired because of positive impressions they project online. People who are displaying positive impression of their personality and their organizational fit, the profile they have which supports their professional qualifications, people who also use social media to show their skills and their creativity through different branches of arts. These people were the ones hired.


Are you wondering at what stage do these employers look at their candidates’ profiles?


Well, some revealed they do this upon receiving the application. Others say after the initial conversation, there are some which do this after a detailed conversation, and a very small percentage of employers said, before making an offer.


By all these revelations, some may be reviewing their profiles now and redoing everything after reading this article. But for future references, employers pay much attention to the following points:

  1. A candidate’s hints of cultural fit. Well, some of the hobbies and past times of a candidate sometimes matter. Like for instance, an application was sent to an organization who sponsors a soup kitchen and the applicant’s interest is of cooking, then the employer and the applicant can be a perfect fit.
  2. Inconsistencies of the person’s image. If a person’s image in LinkedIn is very professional and is a little less on Facebook, it is better to take a further look on how the person posts in the said social media to avoid any personality inconsistencies.
  3. References and skill endorsements. Sometimes, social media can be an avenue for an applicant to show off her previous work skills and abilities. It can serve as her portfolio.
  4. Red Flags? Are there any signs of drug abuse, inappropriate pictures, bad comments about former bosses?
  5. Grammar. Even though it is social media and can develop a new set of language, posting status messages can be very vital when it comes to job applications.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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