Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Talent

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Interview Mistakes That Scare Away Talent
Interview mistakes that scares away talent

Employers most of the time thinks that they know everything and that they hold all the cards in interviewing job candidates. Yes indeed, they are the proprietor of the business. However there are just some instances that they cannot really control. One example of which is during the interview for a job candidate.


We all know that the job market might be tight nowadays, but when it comes to outstanding skills, companies are competing against each other for that top talent. The very least thing that a company would want is to lose the battle for the top talent over its competitors because of the job interview.


Here are the 7 interview mistakes that can lead to losing that most coveted top talent.


  1. Unpreparedness. One thing that can definitely turn off an outstanding candidate is an interviewer’s unpreparedness for the interview beforehand. When spending the first few minutes of the interview process rummaging through papers looking for an applicant’s resume, the applicant can definitely sense and can definitely give him an impression of disorganization and unpreparedness.


  1. Not choosing the right words. Even if the company you are representing is accustomed to swearing and other taboo ways of communication, the interview is not the proper time or place to show that. You can introduce some parts of the company’s culture so that the applicant can have a brief overview of what’s coming in the future and won’t be surprised.


  1. Always in the rush. Applicants, currently employed or not, they really do take the time to undergo all the recruitment process. From scanning through several job advertisements to attending scheduled job interviews, they really dedicate their time and effort. Not to mention that together with the time dedication, they also find the time to research and to prepare in advance. So it is just a matter of respect that interviewers must take the time to speak with them and scrutinize their application.


  1. Over talking. Give the floor to the applicant. This is not the proper setting for the interviewer to outshine the other person as this is the time for the applicant to tell something about himself and not the other way around. The interviewer is only here to officiate, to start the conversation and not to finish it.


  1. No idea about the position being offered. An interviewer must be prepared with anything an applicant might ask. Remember that interviews, even though there is a layout or an outline being followed, the flow and the duration is still dependent on how talkative or inquisitive the applicant is. Don’t be caught off guard with questions related to the positions being offered. This will give an impression to the applicant that you are not well informed and not supposed to be in the position where you are at the moment.


  1. Not taking notes. It is important to take notes in every interview session for the rest of the day, it is possible that an interviewer will interview more than 20 persons. And it is also impossible that the interviewer will remember every single thing related to each interviewed individual.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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