India: Companies Not Responding to Job Applicants Risk Losing Talent Forever: Study Reveals

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48% India Inc. employees say they send out 10-20 job applications a month but organizations apparently only respond to applicants who are shortlisted, thus leaving a massive talent pool of disgruntled candidates.

Organizations may feel deluged by job applications but today’s candidates expect some form of acknowledgment or response on their applications, even if they haven’t been accepted, shows a study by

TimesJobs’ study tracked the job-seeking experience of over 1,100 candidates, a whopping 86% of whom said they did not get any response or explanation from the recruiter or HR department for job applications that were not accepted.

While only 70% said they received official responses on their job applications only when their profiles were shortlisted. This way, almost 80% of the surveyed India Inc. workforce feels that organizations at large are not responsive and inconsiderate towards job applicants.

This sentiment is more evident among IT, automobile and retail sector employees, with over 70% of them considering most organizations as ‘inconsiderate’ when it comes to valuing job applicants.

While this sentiment may not be a matter of significance for organizations, it is of big significance for candidates, many of whom are so put off by the lack of response that they vow never to apply in that company again.

“A rejected job-applicant is like a spurned suitor – and must be dealt with tactfully and quickly. We live in an era where job seekers have real-time information access. For instance, TimesJobs’ ‘Job Insights’ shows candidates how many others have viewed and applied for a job along with demographic breakups of the applicants. Not receiving feedback on their applications is not what these well-informed professionals expect from organizations today. You may not just lose their personal interest, but in turn, they may spread their disappointment among their peers with negative word-of-mouth about your company,” explains Vivek Madhukar, COO,

The TimesJobs study further revealed that 55 per cent candidates would not apply again to an organization that had not responded to their previous job applications. While 54 per cent say they will only consider applying again if they receive some kind of acknowledgement to their previous application.

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However, in terms of experience – 60 per cent junior level employees admit they will continue to apply again even if the company does not acknowledge, respond to their applications.

But 55 per cent middle-level employees and 41 per cent senior-level employees say they will apply again only if the company responds to their previous application even if they have been rejected.

Gender-wise analysis of the study shows that close to 60% male and 48% female employees will apply again if the company acknowledges and responds to their applications, even if they have been rejected.

The study clearly shows organizations often underestimate the impact of a job application experience in fulfilling future talent needs and on the organization’s brand as an employer. However, there are exceptions, like Vanshika Munjal, an IT professional working with a top IT services company.

“Recently, I submitted applications in five organizations. Two responded with personalized messages regretting they won’t be able to take my candidature forward but will get in touch for any future openings. It felt nice. I would definitely try my luck with them again,” said Vanishka.

Vanshika is not alone. Over 60% professionals across India Inc. continue to highly value organizations that make a point to respond to job applications.

Manish Verma, a senior recruiter with a leading manufacturing company adds, “I have been on both sides of the hiring process. And because I know how it feels when you don’t get a response to your job application, I make it a point to reply to applicants even if we are not considering their entry for the applied position. There is simply no excuse for not respecting the time a candidate has invested in applying to a particular job at your organisation.”

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