Increasing Demand for Statisticians and Math Professionals in Philippines: PhilJobNet

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Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) Director Dominique R. Tutay, in her report to Labour and Employment Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III, said positions for statisticians, mathematical and related associate professionals are among the top 10 vacancies recorded by the PhilJobNet in Philippines.

PhilJobNet, the Department of Labor and Employment’s internet-based job and applicant matching system, has reported new vacancies in the local employment industry.

Tutay said the weekly update of PhilJobNet yielded the following top 10 vacancies: Receptionists and Information Clerks (1,972), Shop Salespersons and Demonstrators (577), Professional Nurses (266), Waiters, Waitresses, and Bartenders (257), Domestic Helpers and Cleaners (132), other Business Professionals (113), Supervisors in Budget and Finance Management (101), Statistical, Mathematical and Related Associate Professionals (98), and Helpers and Cleaners in Offices, Hotel and other Establishments (90).

PhilJobnet is a facility of the Department of Labour and Employment that fast tracks jobseeker’s search for jobs and the employer’s search for work force. Its centralized database is maintained by the Bureau of Local Employment.

Employers also utilise PhilJobNet to invite registered job applicants for job interview on a desired date and have the option to print an applicant’s profile.

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The employment facilitation portal also has the capability to upload applicant’s profile picture, company’s logo and documentary requirements. Users can also retrieve or reset forgotten password.

PhilJobNet has made job matching more flexible by allowing users to modify filters such as specific job requirements and applicant qualifications. It also provides an option for the applicants to apply online and to view top hiring companies. A jobseeker who is at least 15 years old may register as a job applicant in PhilJobNet.

An employer or establishment duly recognized by Philippine business authorizing agencies and with existing Tax Identification Number (TIN) can register on the PhilJobNet. The service is free of charge for both job applicants and establishments.

The PhilJobNet facilities can also be accessed at the Job Search Kiosks, ATM-type stand-alone equipment, at DOLE attached agencies and regional offices, Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs), and selected schools throughout the country.

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