Human Resource Outsourcing Trends for the Future

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HR managers around the world often find themselves confused when it comes to deciding, whether outsourcing should be done at all costs or is it better to keep all their jobs in-house. Researches and surveys conducted in the past do not provide sufficient conclusive evidence either.

However global trends in HR seem to gravitate towards outsourcing, as more and more companies are finding talent and skills elsewhere and are ready for it. Added to this the ever-increasing necessity to save money, makes companies outsource to less-developed countries, where sufficient (and even great) skills can be found for significantly less.

Over the course of the previous years, a few trends in outsourcing have emerged and these are the ones we think you should pay attention to in the future.

  • Switch to the cloud

With outsourcing being so widespread, switching to the cloud seems like the only clever option, since the majority of your work isn’t between your colleagues anymore. The people you outsource the job, need quick access to the data that is relevant to them, while you can be sure that the cloud security will protect the information that is stored.

This way, you can outsource a job to an HR company that is miles away from you, even on another continent, and still have the work done efficiently as if they were in the next room.

  • Selective outsourcing

As mentioned above, the HR community is unsure whether outsourcing or in-house jobs are better. Well, this is something in between. Selective outsourcing means that you will assess the skills available in-house and then outsource tasks for the skills you find lacking in your workforce.

For example, if you are an engineering company and have a lot of talented architects, you are not going to outsource architectural services, but you might need help with data mining and analysis, as architects are not really good data miners. And that’s the whole point – play to your strengths in-house, and outsource what you don’t have the skills for.

  • Use of social media as a recruiting and driving tool

Social media is everywhere, and by it I don’t mean only Facebook and Instagram. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the platforms focused on business – platforms like LinkedIn – where the sole purpose of member profiles is to show their professional skills and talents that they possess.

This makes it easier for HR personnel to seek potential new employees, as their CVs are already there, as well as their past experiences. Also, the use of other social networks makes it easier to plan and organize, with groups, group chats, and specialised social networks for work organization allowing for faster communication between the employer and the employees.

Staying in sync with the current trends of globalisation, outsourcing is definitely here to stay. And, since this is the case, if you do need to opt for outsourcing in the future, be sure to follow these trends.


Author: Catherine is content developer who works in BackOfficePro.


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