HRs Must Know: The Common 8 Personality Types at Work

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There are some common types of employees found almost everywhere you go, these personality types you can easily understand and associate with. They perform tasks, report the evaluation, attend meetings and even have lunches together. However, there are significant differences that are more prominent and start surfacing over time to get noticed by HR professionals at work.

Here are some 8 most commonly found personality types at work, you most often come across while at work, and even during meetings and business travel. They are:


  • The Go – Getter


The go-getter would do anything to increase his work performance, in positive ways of course. He is confident and responsible, willing to experience and take up new challenges, as expected by the team lead. As a result, he takes risks, initiates an action, and own complete responsibility for his mistakes.


  • Mr./Ms. Reliable


The reliable personnel is frequently directed to he/she who sits as the right hand of a leader. A leader cannot merely manage all the people and chase the targets at the same time – all by himself. Hence, he needs a competent advisor who is reliable enough to cooperate with.


  • The Cheerleader


As the name defines itself, cheerleaders are those who motivate, encourage and create a positive and optimistic atmosphere at workplace. This kind of worker is undeniably lovable and close to everybody in the office. The cheerleader is considerably required in every department, as he helps in balancing energy to avoid employee burnouts at work.

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  • The strategist


The strategist is an amazing planner. This kind of employee loves to work based on a plan and develops an effective strategy to achieve targets and boost employee morale. The systemic way of working process frequently becomes a favourite to the employers.


  • The Leader


Employees who have great leadership capabilities are the ideal ones to be given authorities or to be made in charge of a company’s project. Leadership is not something authentically born, it is indeed a result of certain process, mainly an experience.


  • The Creative Genius at Work


Intellectuality  can be be gained but creativity is a gift. The creative personnels are contributing to advancements through their unique and ordinarily creative ideas. They have bigger goals and larger than life visions, so HR professionals should allow room for these creative professionals to explore their freedom of expression and seek growth in sync with the company’s long term objectives.


  • The problem solver


Problem solving is a precious capability that one should have in every job. Its also a skills and an art, that is hard to possess by not all and requires optimistic approach of looking at means to find solutions to the problem at hand. Unfortunately, not every employee has it. Most workers tend to lose confidence in company’s vision during crisis, show signs of irritability and frustrations at work. During these challenging times for businesses, is the time when problem solvers come to rescue to maintain the employee confidence levels despite slowdown. A problem solver is one of the most precious organizational asset leading a department, or even a company to escape from the trapping issues.


  • The ‘all in one’ employee


Bingo! The ‘all in one‘ employee is the apple of every employer’s eye. It is such a great fortune for every business to hire the versatile employee. His brain is stocked with brilliant ideas and business growth plans ready for implementation. This employee regularly suggests great innovative ways to manage work and bright ideas to run a project.

People are born with different physical appearance, characteristics and personality traits. The point here is that HR professionals should not focus on these differences that make little to no difference on work fronts. However, HR managers should focus on ways to bring about harmony in team workings by inculcating team spirit, culture of sharing and caring, support and motivate each other to work towards business goals.

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