HR Tech Tool: An Algorithm Makes Instant Personality Prediction Possible

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HR Tech Tool: An Algorithm Makes Instant Personality Prediction Possible
The convenience of Pretics mobile apps (PRNewsFoto/Pretics Asia Pte Ltd)

The society had changed, people want others to know them quickly, yet they do not want to spend much time socializing. Only through knowing what makes people tick, then true engagement and in-depth connections can be established. The way to achieve fast and strong connections is to appeal directly to individuals’ personalities using tailored approaches.

Pretics Asia Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, announced that Pretics, an automated personality prediction system that provides an instant snapshot read of how others think, act, communicate, and make decisions, is accessible to worldwide users with the launch of its mobile applications in early 2016.(PRNewsFoto/Pretics Asia Pte Ltd)The algorithm that allows instant personality prediction is made possible with over 30 years of psychology research, big data analytics, and with over 8 years of development work. Pretics had its foundations deeply rooted in the Big 5 paradigm (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) and with over 270 million data points; it achieves a minimum accuracy rate of 84%.

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Pretics is designed to be a SNAP-S (Swift, Non-invasive, Attribute, Profiling-System) and the proprietary companion system – Preference Interaction Engine (PIE) can quickly provide highly actionable recommendations to allow the establishment of strong relationships and achieve objectives through convincing, negotiating, or confronting.

This ultimately clears the confusion that people have when learning personality profiling and allows users to start taking advantage of the psychologically-driven recommendations.

“The lengthy process of identifying education, finance, upbringing, cultural, and religious influence is now compacted into a single process that can be easily implemented into mobile applications,” Jack added.

“While there are many personality profiling tools available, they involve extensive education, invasive-probing, or questionnaires. This is because most profiling tools are designed for self-improvement. This makes it difficult to implement them on a practical sense for sales, marketing, and management professionals. Pretics, on the other hand is designed for these professionals to apply in the fast-paced society,” says Jack.

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