HR Candidates with Strong Soft Skills are in Demand by Employers in China

October 20, 20168:01 am2316 views

HR candidates with strong soft skills will stand out in China’s recruitment market as employers hope they would help companies adapt to the fast-changing digital era.

According to recruiting experts Hays, HR professionals who have quick learning ability are the favourite candidates sought after by organisations in line with a rapid penetration of internet technologies into people’s lifestyle.

“Employers need not only HR professionals’ digital experience, but their imagination and quick learning ability to build up teams that can better use the latest technologies to develop businesses,” says Simon Lance, Managing Director for Hays in China. “Start-up and Internet companies are now focusing on candidates’ soft skills in the hiring process.”

In Hays Quarterly Reports for October to December, 2016, it finds that domestic organisations are likely to have more vacancies to fill, amid a new commercial landscape in which internet technologies are playing a more important role.

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“Nowadays, an ideal HR head or manager is supposed to be able to sniff out the new trend of businesses, and help companies secure or develop right talent to chase further growth,” adds Simon. “Employers are putting more efforts in learning and development, believing the move will bring them huge benefits in the long run.”

“In this quarter, active hiring of HR professionals will be seen, but employers will appear to be picky when selecting candidates to fill their newly created positions.” Also professionals with experience working for top global companies are preferred by employers.

“They are believed to be skilful managers who are already systematically trained and have efficient working habits that would immediately apply to a brand new platform,” says Simon. “It will be a highly competitive market because not many candidates are considering a move from a gargantuan global firm to a domestic company.”

In terms of candidate trend, candidates are increasingly chasing career advancement in a dynamic Chinese market. “Those who are confident of their own skills and experience now care about whether they can secure a leadership position in the new HR teams,” says Simon. “They want to find a proper career platform to give full play to their business acumen.”

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