How to utilise video effectively in your recruitment efforts?

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Video resumes have now become an integral part of the job application process, and candidates are making most of the video trend to uniquely position themselves in the job market, while showcasing their credentials as the most suitable hire for the job. Then why are recruiters left behind when it comes to embracing the video recruitment trend?

Video is so much a part of our lives today and DIY videos are used for learning programs and webinars. Special moments with friends and family are shared on social video broadcasting websites such as YouTube to garner public interests. AT&T recent findings reports, 50% of its Internet use is video. How can recruiters harness the power of recruitment via video?

Video is a very good user engagement tool, and is one of the best ways to engage a potential candidate through a story-telling narrative that talks about company vision at length.

Producing a video is no longer expensive today with many high-end software tools that make video production a child’s play. Videos should be made of relevance to resonate with the job seeker demands and aligned with your company’s talent acquisition strategy. Here are some strategies that could be implemented to boost your video recruiting efforts:

  • Video job posting

Posting job requirements on video is one of the quickest ways to attract talent and engage them with your company hiring practices. Whilst, your job description might provide a generic overview of the skillsets on lookout, you also get an opportunity to talk about team, projects underway, showcase the work set up and even introduce the hiring manager. This is definitely stepping out of the box into recruiting efforts and tracking down candidates over a traditional job posting medium.

  • Embed Videos

Embedding videos on social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can help upscale your recruitment efforts by capitalising on power of social media reach. You can also embed videos to your company blog or career page of the company.

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  • Use On-Demand Video Apps

On-Demand Video apps can help engage candidates with the employer in real time. Recruiters can use this platform on video to interact with the potential candidates and make most of this unique medium to find, attract and engage talent.

  • Conduct video interviews

Encourage video interviews as a practice to save on time and boost up your hiring efforts. Video interviews are especially ideal for candidates who live far, and hiring managers should consider replacing just plain telephonic interviews with video conversations to create familiarity up front.

  • Ask candidates to submit video introductions

If your company has certain recruitment protocols to not encourage video resumes, then it is in better company interests to ask candidates to submit video introductions. A short five minutes video introduction will help you analyse the communication skills and proficiencies of a candidate to be conversant with the video as a medium.

Also organising video job fairs are a cost-effective way to attract talent and talk to large number of professionals, extending beyond geographical barriers to find the perfect hire.

Video is a real opportunity that provides recruiters with an opportunity to showcase their employer branding efforts and attract the desired talent pool. You can optimise video for content share, candidate reach, search and providing resources.

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