How to Stop Potential Hires from Lying on Their Resumes

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Inaccurate resume is real. Any HR professional should not have inadequate employee vetting. Even a business, who doesn’t have a dedicated human-resources department, can still vet potential employees. The key is to slow down and think through your choice of applicants.

Here are more advice on resume lie-detecting:

  1. Conduct multiple interviews

Interview multiple people for a single position, and call promising candidates back for a second, or even a third, interview. Although this is time-consuming for both of you, it is a valuable way to gain insight into the person you are thinking of hiring.

When you interview someone, try to have other managers in the room. It is important to get feedback from colleagues about potential hires. Another manager’s gut instinct could save you from making a potentially costly mistake.

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  1. Do a background check

Internet search tools and social networks are good resources for checking on applicants. It is wise to do a background check on each new hire. Companies such as IntelliCorp provide employee-screening services for small and midsize businesses.

Decide first how wide and deep you want to go, and then choose a service that meets your needs. As a minimum measure, check potential employees’ criminal records and citizenship status. Looking into their credit history or asking them to submit to a drug test are further steps you can take.

  1. Seek out employment and character references

Interview candidates who have been recommended by people you trust. But even then, you should still conduct your own background check on the person. With a candidate who doesn’t have a personal recommendation, you should search out personal references.

Go beyond those listed on his resume. Reach out to former co-workers or others who can verify the applicant’s employment history and give you insight into the person’s character.

Although it is necessary to take precautions when adding someone to your company, lying on resumes is uncommon, especially in our age of information transparency.

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