How to Reach Out Experienced Professionals

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There is only one thing that is better than recruiting a new employee, and that is getting experienced hires. The value of these types of employees is immeasurable. Not only do you save resources by not having to invest as much to train them, but you also get their unique perspective they cultivated from relevant industry experience.

Before you can get that perspective, you need to know how to recruit and retain these professionals. Below are a few things you should think about while developing your employer brand to hire experienced recruits, according to Petter Nylander, CEO of Universum.

Why You Can’t Attract Experienced Professionals

A challenge of recruiting and retaining experienced professionals can be remembering that you are not just competing with other companies. In many cases you need to actively recruit these experienced employees from where they are currently employed. For the candidate, that means surrendering the security of an established job and turning their back on everything they had built during their tenure.

So when you are developing your pitch to attract experienced professionals, you need to be very aware not just of industry, but of professional norms. The best way to do that is to measure your employees’ happiness and willingness to recommend you as an employer against Universum’s Global Workforce Happiness Index. This comparison will provide you with a better understanding regarding your strength as an employer in a given region as well as areas in which you can improve.

How to Reach Out to Experienced Professionals

If you are going to recruit experienced professionals, you need to be able to contact them and they need access to background information about your company. Unsurprisingly, Universum has found that the best methods to do this are overwhelmingly digital. Employer websites, social media, and job boards are the best methods by which to reach out to experienced employees. Over 30 percent of job seekers also use career guidance websites and apps to find potential employers. These are all channels which you should seriously consider in pursuing your employer branding.

Assorted Tips For Recruiting

Here are just a few broader strategies Universum has found advantageous when developing your employer brand.

  • Develop a global position. Identify a few key traits and characteristics that are important to your organisation and are the same regardless of office location.
  • Customise your pitch regionally. Candidates who live in different regions often have different professional needs. It is important for your business to demonstrate it can meet those specific requirements in your promotional materials for that area.
  • Generational hiring matters as well. Keep in mind that younger employees have different needs and motivations than older employees. When targeting a specific level of experience, be sure to adjust your message accordingly.

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