How to Prepare Your Business for Gen Z?

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Are you ready for Gen Z? Over the past few years, Millennials make up for the largest majority of the global workforce. However, while Millennials are projected to dominate the job market for years to come, you will see an influx of new generation hitting the workplace: Gen Z.

Born between 1996 and 2010, the oldest group of Gen Z, also known as the iGeneration are in their 20s now. Upon graduating from high school and college, the first wave of Gen Z will be soon joining the world of work.

Considered as digital natives, Gen Z are born when internet and social media became the new norm. Despite the fact that they are far more technologically-savvy than the previous generations, this generation interestingly seeks more than a cyberspace life. They don’t just merely think outside the box, as they believe in creating new groundbreaking opportunities.

Upon their entrance to the workforce, Monster Multi-Generational Survey reveals that Gen Z embody characteristics that are valuable for employers, such as willing to work more (58 percent) and willing to relocate (74 percent). Further, the survey notes that Gen Z demonstrate higher entrepreneurial zest compared to all other working generations.

76 percent respondents believe that they are the owners of their own career and professional advancement, while 49 percent want to have their own business and be their own boss.

Nevertheless, while they emphasise to work with passion and purpose, Gen Z is highly-motivated by money and job security. Despite their pragmatic approaches to life, this youngest generation still wants a job that has a greater purpose and meaning.

These findings make it clear that Gen Z possess distinctive characteristics that make them potentially competitive talents in the future. If business leaders want to stay ahead of the curve, it is imperative to understand the nature of this generation, while sketching out a strategy before welcoming them to the workplace.

Take a look at the following 7 ways you can prepare and engage our business to meet demands of Gen Z:

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  1.    Embrace tech-powered workplace

Monster study finds that 57 percent Gen Zs believe that technology makes them more productive. Growing up in the age of machine, tech is simply a natural part of how Gen Z sees the world.  If you want to attract and attain bright young talents, then you have to provide them with updated necessary tools and upgrade your technology.

  1.    Offer flexible work arrangement

Based on Randstad survey, 19 percent Gen Z respondents see working flexibility as the most important employee benefit. Rather than following the conventional nine-to-five clock routine, they believe in the final outcomes more than the hours put in. Therefore, you should follow this pattern and allow them to work flexibly.

  1.    Foster collaborative culture

This generation is raised up where diversity is widely-celebrated over the world. No wonder, 37 percent Gen Z value different points of view. While they can work independently, Gen Zs are also good at teaming up with others. Employers should see this as an opportunity to foster collaborative culture and create a dynamic workplace.

  1.    Provide regular feedback

Gen Zs like to receive constructive feedback when they share an idea with the senior management. Providing consistent feedback could be a great way to keep them motivated in their job and boost zest for personal advancement. Additionally, helping them scale up is a great way to achieve long-term talent retention goals.

  1.    Recognise their loyalty

As stated before, Gen Z seeks for more job security. Rather than bouncing from one job to another, they prefer stability in their careers and stay longer in an organisation. When they are hired, they want to grow and move through the internal leadership position. Employers should recognise their loyalty by providing rewards and incentives that will help them excel at work.

  1.    Initiate more face-to-face meetings

Glued to Smartphones all the time does not mean that Gen Z disregard the authenticity of in-person connectivity. Instead, they crave for the privilege of face-to-face communication, over emails and chat messages. To connect with this generation, leaders should take more time to hold in-person meetings.

  1.    Give meaningful benefits

Instead of flashy perks such as yoga class at work or Xbox rooms, Gen Zs are more interested in traditional benefits such as competitive salary and health insurance. Monster survey also points out that 47 percent of them will more likely stay with an organisation that provides opportunities for personal development.

While this generation is just starting off to pave inroads into the professional circuit, with a long way to go. The key point for organisations here, as they prepare for arrival of Gen Zs is to guide these young talents and create positive environment for them to grow.

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