How Does Remote Recruitment Work?

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How Does Remote Recruitment Work?
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Global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected the way recruitment works. The conventional walk-in interview has almost been fully replaced with virtual interviews. Recruiters are also moving on from traditional written resumes to video resumes. In order to minimize physical interaction, recruiters opt for remote recruitment while carefully considering many aspects. While HR professionals were struggling in adapting to this new norm at first, many are now reaping the fruits of their hard work. 

Here’s how remote recruitment works.

Home interview made possible

Forced to work remotely for more than a year now, companies have surely noticed that not everyone is required to show up at the office. Some departments might need to have their team members present on site, but some others can actually do just fine with remote arrangement. Among the latter group is the Human Resource Department. Needless to say, recruitment should not be limited to geographical boundaries. Hiring managers can source talents from anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection and proper tools to support the job. This means that both recruiters and candidates can engage in an interview session from the comfort of their own homes.

Flexible working arrangements

Back then, when remote recruitment was not a thing, potential candidates might be reluctant to apply for a job simply because their current domicile was far from the headquarters. Some even give a good job offer a pass because they have no budget to travel intercity. With virtual hiring, these scenarios are non-existent. When the whole recruitment process is done via online, it opens up opportunities for candidates from anywhere to apply and undergo the selection.

Utilizing the latest technology

From the first call to the final interview, the remote recruitment is done entirely online. To ensure an effective and smooth operation, recruiters need to arm themselves with the right softwares. The process of choosing the tools can either depend on their company’s standard or individual’s preferences. Some might favor Zoom, while some others prefer Google Meet. Which one is better? It does not really matter, given these softwares serve the same purpose of video conferencing. In managing application and interview dates, stools like Google Sheets, Excel, and Notion will be a great help. Since telecommuting requires one to rely on tools, knowing how to utilize the latest technology is crucial.

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AI Optimization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key in automating the candidate selection process. With its advanced algorithms, AI can reduce hours worth of manual labor in just a few minutes or less. Moreover, AI contributes to matching candidates with the best available job vacancies. This will help boost the volume of opt-ins and participation, such that candidates ghosting can be best avoided. As AI comprehends what candidates’ strengths and interests are, it can point them to the right roles.

Recruitment project plan

Creating a recruitment project plan to keep all hiring campaigns has become mandatory for remote recruitment. This allows recruiters to track important tasks, such as interview invitations, filtered applicants, as well as available positions; all managed with a single dashboard. This helps recruiters visualize entire campaigns, events, and progress without having to leave their screen. For assessment purposes, they can also be more effective in creating room for improvement and candidate experience.

Adjustment and continuous learning should be in the best interest for recruiters in keeping up with remote recruitment. Although it may not be flawless, remote recruitment is proven to be more efficient in terms of time and cost. With the help of AI and other helpful tools, recruiters can vouch for candidates more precisely, according to the organization’s needs. On top of that, remote recruitment breaks the boundary of distance, so candidates get an equal opportunity for the selection process regardless of their location.

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