Hiring Demand for Sales and Marketing Professionals in Malaysia

November 4, 20168:46 am657 views

Sales and marketing professionals in Malaysia will continue to be highly sought after this quarter with companies creating more positions to increase sales and maintain loyal customers.

According to recruiting experts Hays, business development professionals are in high demand and those who can help employers expand their customer base will stand out.

“Companies are taking an aggressive step in hiring strong sales managers and capable business development professionals because they believe it’s important to build senior sales teams to take advantage of new market opportunities and diversify their products,” says Tom Osborne, Regional Director of Hays in Malaysia.

“It will be a highly competitive market as employers actively hunt for the right people to fill their vacancies.”

In the latest Hays Quarterly Report for October to December 2016, it finds that regional and international exposure will put candidates in a positive light since the ability to grow businesses in new markets is exactly what employers are hunting for.

“Senior sales managers are particularly in high demand,” says Tom. “Employers hope to leverage on their experience and connect with customers to drive sales.”

“Some industries such as automotive are investing in after-sales teams where many positions have become available recently,” adds Tom. “A strong after-sales team can effectively help organisations maintain loyal customers.”

Also resourceful sales and marketing professionals will be most likely to receive multiple job offers in this quarter. “An experienced salesperson who has connections with customers is regarded as a valuable asset by employers,” says Tom.

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“Competition for resourceful sales professionals will become fiercer, but employers will find there aren’t many candidates of that kind available.”

Recently, car manufacturing companies and distributors alike have been focusing heavily on their after-sales service looking for Sales Professionals who can add value to a customer’s post-buying experience. This includes managing workshops and being technically apt to diagnose and solve mechanical related vehicle problems. Candidates who have a degree in engineering are sought after to add their expertise in these areas.

The competitive landscape has seen many organisations look for people who can drive sales through their ability to conceptualise and execute strategic sales plans to position themselves competitively within the industry.

Dealer Principals with strong experience both in sales and after-sales has proven to be another niche skill that not many candidates possess, but is well in demand this quarter.

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