Hiring a Copywriter: 4 Things to Consider

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Hiring a Copywriter: 4 Things to Consider
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In the age of social media, building brand awareness could make a huge difference in your business growth. Increasing customer’s recognition towards your brand best be done with the right copywriting. Goes beyond basic advertisement script or publicity materials; copywriting is the art of communicating your business to the world. It aims to boost both brand awareness and purchasing habits that will eventually lead to increased sales. A professional copywriter can perfectly capture the core of your business and services, thus expanding your customer base.

Finding a copywriter may not be that difficult, but finding the perfect copywriter with persuasive skills needs to get careful attention. Here are some things you should consider before hiring a copywriter for your business needs.

Be specific in the hiring process

When hiring a copywriter, the last person you want to work with is someone who has very little to zero understanding of your company’s product or service. Product knowledge is imperative because a copywriter is responsible to translate technical information into persuasive concepts. Therefore, opt for a copywriter that specializes in your industry as they have prior knowledge on the pain points, trends, and language of the audience of the industry. This will save up much time that might be wasted if you hire a copywriter who needs to learn from scratch. 

Referral and recommendation

If you simply don’t have much time to hire a candidate with unknown competency, tap your network for recommendation. You can ask colleagues who work in the same industry as yours if they can give you some good copywriter candidates. If you cannot rely on your network, you can seek recommendations from writing associations or advertising agencies. Despite these referral or recommendations, always ask for a candidate’s portfolios so you can determine their skills yourself.

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Cheap rate may not always be worth it

Budget can be a consideration when hiring a copywriter, but it should not be a priority. There might be some great freelancers who do not set an expensive rate for copywriting, but this is too much of a gambling. Sure, finding one with a cheap rate can save money, but what if you are not so lucky? This will only waste your time, money and energy with no clear deliverables. 

If you want to settle with something more certain, consider hiring professionals. This is a much safer and more plausible option, as professionals have extensive experience with proven portfolios. Consider this scenario: you spend $30000 for professional copywriters for an important project, but you have a chance of pulling in over $1 million in sales if the promotion succeeds. On the other hand, you can hire a freelance copywriter that costs you $100 or $200, but it might hit the ground with a flop. When it comes to quality, spending more to earn much more should be worth it. Good copywriters do not cost their clients money; they make their clients money.

Can they really understand your company?

A good copywriter should understand a company’s real value before doing anything else. The aim of copywriting is to help a company strengthen its brand voice; making it stand out among other similar businesses. Thus, they need to really understand your company’s purpose, vision and mission. Knowing exactly who your company is, its core beliefs and principles, what it strives to achieve, should all be the starting point for copywriters. If they are only half-knowing on what to communicate, it is almost certain that the message will fail to deliver. That being said, get your copywriters to really live up to the identity of your company. 

Needless to say, recruiters should put extra attention when hiring a copywriter. Make sure that the talent you are about to hire has prior exposure to the industry. If you are unsure about how to find one, you can always consult either your network or an agency. You need to also acknowledge that creative ideas are not always cheap. On top of those three, you will want your copywriter to genuinely live up to your company’s identity and let that person capture the best of your company.

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