Harbingers of Change: Why Should You Hire More Mothers Willing to Rejoin Work?

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“Hiring working mothers is risky. They will find it difficult to divide equally between getting their job done and taking care of the family. They get easily distracted by family issues, such as sick children and school stuffs. Not to mention their rigid schedule that often leads them to sleep deprivation. It costs us presenteeism, which is bad for the business. Right?” Well, you are wrong.

Some people say that unlike men, women possess a kind of ‘time limit’ to join the workforce. Traditionally, when they are getting married, women are expected to leave their job and dedicate their full-time for the family. However, time changes.

Along with the growing economic demands, men are no longer the sole breadwinners in a family. Therefore, mothers are joining the workforce today. The problem is, while more mothers are keen to transform their usual attire from yoga pants into business suits, they should work harder to win employer’s heart.

As a hiring manager, you have a big responsibility to bring in the best candidates from the talent pools. Owing to the prejudices firmly held against, hiring them and bringing them back into the workforce could be the last resort for HR leaders to think of.

However, you should bear in mind that these perceptions are not necessarily objectives. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are numerous advantages businesses could derive by hiring mothers willing to re-enter the workforce. Rather than holding pessimistic viewpoints and focusing more on the problems working mothers might bring to the workplace, here are top 3 reasons why you consider hiring them in your team:

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Working mothers are dedicated

A bold decision to leave children and attend to work requires persistent will to succeed and ambition to be productive during work hours. However, as they decide to join the company, they will have to make sure that they give their all to the organisation. Since they know to smartly balance and manage both – their professional and personal time, they know to manage time-efficiently. During working hours, you will not see them slacking off work, or watching random Youtube videos or chatting on Facebook.

Working mothers have excellent organisational skills

Dealing with various house chores and family necessities is a responsibility as well for a working mother. Hence, they do have well-arranged to-do lists and prioritize their workings on what should be handled first. If you want to make your business more efficient, working mothers will help with their excellent organisational skills.

Working mothers are heavy multitaskers

Mothers are undoubtedly amazing multitaskers. They have long proven this ability to get several tasks done at a time. They can cook dinner and make a call with the plumber parallely, while keeping their eyes on the children playing in the family room. No wonder tight deadlines and busy work agendas might seem nothing compared to their crazy schedules at home.

Therefore, during high and stressful days at work, mothers are able to keep calm and finish their tasks smoothly. Hiring someone with quite significant timeframe gaps in their resumes, might be the last thing to do as recruiter. However, with a list of great capabilities that you cannot find in other types of employees, working mothers hold great potentials of being a highly productive and efficient workforce, who hold a sense of responsibility and commitment towards their jobs.

They are undoubtedly serious to take a willing stand and return to the workforce in future even despite unsettling family fronts. This definitely means their relentless passion and drive to succeed knows no time limits nor is age a barrier to get started again. Bring these talented women back to the workforce and support progressive workplace cultures, while carving a niche growth path for future. There is no stopping the women of today to herald the era of change!

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