Google’s Kormo Jobs Updated Some Features to Ease Job Search

November 23, 20206:31 pm2070 views
Google’s Kormo Jobs Updated Some Features to Ease Job Search
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Google recently offers a number of feature updates to its job application, Kormo Jobs. According to Operations Lead Kormo on Google’s Next Billion Users initiative team, Bickey Russell, this update goes hand-in-hand with increased app usage this year, as well as addressing job search challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The figure has doubled, which means employment opportunities have also increased. We noted this and added some new features for remote work, we are also expanding the scope of this platform to include SMEs and listings for logistics and essential services affected by social restrictions. due to the pandemic,” said Russell in an online press conference with Google.

There are several features updated on Kormo Jobs. First is the remote feature. This feature allows employers to offer remote job vacancies and facilitate remote job interviews with applicants so that they can safely apply for jobs from home.

“When the pandemic was announced in early March, Kormo Jobs immediately reviewed the product strategy that prioritizes safety. This feature is a reflection of that strategy,” said Russel.

Furthermore, the app also has Artificial Intelligence (AI) based learning module in the “Learning” tab. This feature allows job seekers to practice English in the context of a real work environment and receive input on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

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This learning module simulates everyday conversations to help students speak more confidently. These range from learning to “hear and repeat” sentences to improve pronunciation, to “conversation cards” to simulate a conversation related to the job they are applying for.

In addition, job seekers can now access more than 20 certified online courses through new learning partners ARKADEMI and Qubisa. Courses range from basic IT training to tips on mastering the recruitment process.

Kormo works with at least 100 SMEs from the Gapura Digital training program to improve their integration experience. With ARKADEMI & QuBisa to provide more certified online courses for job seekers.

Russell ensures that Kormo Jobs, the application that has been present in Indonesia since 2019, can be accessed in all corners of the country. In addition to making job search easier, Russell and his team will also continue to provide updates that can support their users.

“Our focus now is to improve application performance. We see the need for improvement and how we can match job seekers and jobs, as well as to level up them,” he concluded.

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