Facebook Hack: Optimising Facebook to Find the Best Skilled Candidates

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Facebook Hack: Optimising Facebook to Find the Best Skilled Candidates

LinkedIn has long known as the leading social media network when it comes to recruitment purposes. While LinkedIn has been proven to be an effective tool for hiring, does it mean that you should close your eyes to other social media in your talent search? The answer is an obvious ‘No’.

According to Jobcast, LinkedIn is number one source for 93 percent recruiter to find candidates but only 14 percent of LinkedIn users actively check their account on regular basis while only 36 percent of job seekers are actually active on LinkedIn. Where are the rest of the talents going, then?

Look at the table below.

social media

taken from Jobcast

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It is shown in the table that most of active social media users are using Facebook (83 percent) and the second one is Twitter (40 percent). LinkedIn ranks the last in this matter. Therefore, optimising your candidates search using social media with the most active users can likely increase your recruiting process by 50 percent.  

Now the question is, how to attract more talented candidates via the most visited social platform, Facebook?

Read on these well-founded tips to help you increase the hunt.

01   Catchy and attention-grabbing job posts

Facebook is where people like to share their stuffs and if you do not post unique or attention-grabbing stuffs “too”, there are good chances that users will keep scrolling and ignore your posts. How to start the competition, then? You might want to do some research first.

You can ask your colleagues and find out at what people care most about the job. This could be related to coworkers, salary, location, etc. Then you can conduct a research on hiring platforms to find out what most jobseekers see as challenge in job search. After that, you should gather all the information, analyse it, create brief description for your job posting along with company-tale, and post your ad.

02   Promote job fair on Facebook ads

If you plan to do a big job fair event, you can promote it on Facebook and attract more talents who are interested to come and register. But first you need to post your event. You can do it by click ‘Create Event’ under events on left side of your page. Then, add basic information and 1920 x 1080 pixel image to make it more attractive. After that, mark the ‘Public’ option and promote the event in Facebook ad.

03   Optimise live streaming to meet potential candidates

Many large companies such as UPS have already adopted this methods in order to not miss potential candidates. You can give it a try and find out if this works for you company as well. How to live stream? To do that, you can follow these steps:

  • If you are using phone, make sure to install Facebook app to ease the process
  • Promote your live stream time on social media at least a week before
  • Get ready for the event by navigating Facebook page you are posting to, and tap ‘Publish’
  • Tap ‘Live Video’
  • Tap the blue ‘Go Live’ button, make sure you have good internet connection
  • Let visitors know you ready to answer any employment questions
  • Notice every comments and questions that appear below the video feed, if possible, answer each one of them with your voice.

When you have done with the streaming, usually there will be recorded version of video. It will automatically be added to your timeline and those who missed the deadline can watch it.  

04   Connect to your colleague friends

If you have your co-workers like your Facebook, you are connecting yourself to a network of people in your industry. This means you can attract more people by inviting them to like your page and to not miss out a single job ad. A manual method you can do is to invite them individually by copy and paste your website URL and emailing it to your employees. After inviting employees to like the page, now what?

Your employees might have friends who has the same interest or skills as them so it is time to get more viewer on your job post to friends of employees. You just need to:

  • go to your Facebook company page.
  • click ‘Publish a Job Post’ under ‘Write Something’.
  • add info and click publish.
  • click ‘Boost Job’ and set budget and ad duration.
  • on targeting page, go below and click ‘Detailed Targeting’ to ‘Connections’.
  • surf over Facebook pages and select ‘Friend of people who like your Page’.
  • last, click ‘boost’.

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