Enjoy Working from Your Comfort? Be a Freelance Recruiter!

November 25, 201911:11 am7283 views

Are you fed up staying in a dull working environment and yearning to set your own work rules? Then switching to freelance recruitment can be a great career option for you. It’s a nice opportunity for you who wish to do business from the comfort of your home with a flexible schedule and no capital.

The job requirement is quite simple, all you need to have is a computer with a stable Internet connection, a telephone, as well as excellent written and oral communication skills. What makes it even better, no specific degree in human resource is required to dive in this career, meaning that qualified individuals from any educational background (or even no degree at all) can take such types of jobs.

As the name suggests, a freelance recruiter makes money by helping a business or corporation in the process of talent acquisition. They are responsible to reach out, vet, and place top candidates in agreeable employment positions. While the role could be challenging since the profession is fast-paced, target driven and demanding, this job could be both emotionally and financially rewarding. 

By becoming a freelance recruiter, you can contribute to business growth by filling vacant roles with great talents while helping job hunters land their dream jobs at the same time. In terms of salary, there is no limit to how much money you could earn. Generally, the pay will be based on a percentage or commission of the full-time salary of the candidates that are found for employment within your client’s company. This means that the more money candidates make, the higher your rate will be, too. 

If you are looking for an exciting career change in HR industry or simply looking to earn extra income, then undoubtedly working as freelance recruiter could fit that purpose.

Now, the most important question: how to start freelance recruiting?

If you have a large network of friends or connections that are constantly looking for a job opportunity, it is time to use your network to an advantage where you can earn money by introducing people to a job vacancy on Seekers Malaysia.

Seekers is a social recruitment job platform where you can be a freelance recruiter and help people get hired. Seekers mobile app is tailored to HR or talent acquisition professionals and also for motivated people who are interested to become a freelance recruiter. You will find an ultra-transparent recruitment flow, and no hassle to support your friend to get a new job via the Seekers platform.

You will get opportunities to earn income based on your activity on the Seekers Platform, all you need is a computer or smartphone. To start your Seekers journey, first you need to fill the registration form or login if you have set up an account.

There are three simple steps to be Seekers’ recruiter. First, you need to imagine your network in order to find matched positions for people within your connections. When you have found potential candidates and fitting roles, send job links on Seekers platform to them and attract suitable people to apply to the job. Then, by achieving milestones, you can earn cash everyday! For brief information regarding how much and how often you can earn, check out the following chart.

While Seekers is sculpted precisely to cater freelance recruiters nationwide in Malaysia, HR community in Singapore is very much welcomed to use the platform. HR enthusiasts in the country can use their Singaporean networks to work in Malaysia or vice-versa through Seekers platform. Don’t worry, Seekers has the recruitment license to do so.

Dedicated to passionate recruiters, Seekers enables you to play, track, and interact. The Seekers app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Ready to earn attractive referral cash rewards? Join Seekers now!

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