Elevate Your Career through Personal Branding on Social Media  

July 12, 20183:17 pm1083 views

The digital age is rapidly changing the way people communicate with each other. Everything is digitised now.  Back then, you have to manually mark job vacancies on the newspaper and send your job application letter by mail. But now, all you have to do is logging into your computer, going online, and you can find various job vacancies from numerous job sites and apply the job in a single click.

The existence of internet has made it easier for everyone to get connected to each other regardless the distance or time. This is supported by communication technology, such as social media with its advantages and features offering a wide choice of platforms that make it easier to express anything.

However, social media can be more than just a great medium to share your personal updates and keep in touch with your friends, as social media is a great platform to build your personal branding. Briefly speaking, personal branding through social media is how someone promoting themselves in order to leave the right impression on people who look them up online. When other people are busy uploading the chocolate cake they have for lunch on Instagram, instead you share your deep thoughts about recent viral issue in your industry that would bring positive influence or motivate your followers. This will create a positive image on your online persona and it is your personal branding.

Identify your qualities to company

Ease of access to social media is also used by companies to check candidate’s credibility before bringing them to the team. By looking through your Linkedin profile and observing your postings in the other social media accounts, this will help them decide whether you really deserve the employment or not. No wonder, social media screening is increasingly becoming one of the considerations in a recruitment process. When you deliver the right image and impression, this will help you stand apart from other candidates. That being said, personal branding through your social media is crucial for your career.

With the right impression, you can demonstrate your credibility, distinguish yourself from your competitor, and showcase your specialty on skills and experiences in the related field. In short, personal branding helps show your unique qualities that you can offer to the prospective company.

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How to build personal branding?

The way you dress-up in your Instagram photos, or every word you share on Twitter is an important part of how you ‘brand’ yourself and showcase your personality. A strategy is much needed to build your personal branding on social media, because your future employer does not care about what you had for breakfast, or where did you go for vacation.

Therefore, if you want to appeal your followers while drawing potential boss’ attention, you have to balance your social media content. For example, you can use 10 percent of your profile to advertise self-promotional content or product you love, 25 percent to share about your thoughts or what you feel is important, 40 percent to engage in conversations on issues that matter or interacting with your colleagues and friends, and 25 percent to share meaningful postings, websites, and similar stuffs that are relevant to your audience.

In the end, the key to building a solid personal branding through social media is to show the authenticity of yourself by only posting contents that represent your true call and personality. For example, if you are an aspiring writer, you can craft an interesting quote that shows your passion in writing on your LinkedIn status. Finally, a good reputation reflected on your social media profiles will be an advantages for your career.

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