Drawing Upon Uncanny Similarities between Dating and Corporate Recruiting

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It is that time of the year when romance is brewing in the air, and season of love is celebrated with candies, flowers and chocolates to melt hearts. As the cupid strikes to get your emotions to a swirl and the dating games begin, HireRight a background screening solutions provider takes a closer look at the uncanny similarities between dating and corporate recruiting in today’s digital era.

Call it an occupational hazard or hard to be ignored facts, here are the top four similarities that can seldom go unnoticed by recruiters and jobseekers alike:

  1. Catfishing

As the name suggests it’s about luring someone into a relationship with a fictional online persona through use of Photoshop edited images, and information that aren’t uncommon these days on majority of online dating sites. Similar is the case with profiles of Jobseekers on LinkedIn, with too-good-to-be true presented facts that often lacks substantiated explanation and proof of points in person.

  1. References that Work

Mutual friends do provide a boost of trust to know that the person actually exists on social media profiles and in real life to get some insights about the type of person. Backdoor references, corporate contacts and background screening do reveal answers that employers are looking for, beyond face value.

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  1. Playing Hard to Get

As much as dating gets the criticism for playing hard to get games, during the initial stages in order to increase attention and desire, likewise the same works in case of corporate recruiting – wherein recruiters know how best to get a candidate, no matter how stellar they are, they do ensure that the power to negotiate and clinch a win is not lost subsequently in the hiring process.

  1. Following up

Confusion and dilemma always surrounds on who should follow-up after a great date, or when is the right time to follow-up? However, the bottom-line is, follow-up is absolutely necessary if you want the relationship to progress.

A common concern expressed by recruiters alike, is lack of follow-up after the initial round of interviews. Follow-up ensures seamless flow of communication between the candidate and the hiring manager. Hence, the rule of thumb is to follow-up – it’s always appreciated and you can save on the waiting time.

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